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Candidate Advice

Is now to right time to change jobs?

By Michael Germershausen

When we are training our consultants to figure out if a candidate is ready to make a move, we insist that they have to identify the "two motivations":

You will have to be logically explaining why you are leaving your old job and why you are joining the new challenge. If one of the two is missing, there is a big risk that you will not work out in the new company, or actually never leave the current employer.
Strong leaders can usually tell, when a colleague is getting unengaged and starts looking for a new job. By the way, wives are also very good in this. They usually figure out quite easily if their husbands are not "engaged" anymore.

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side: Yes there are always many opportunities out there, but never forget to also benchmark the existing role, even if its less paid or farer away from where you live. Did you actually talk to your boss about it - maybe he/she is also looking and the next career step is imminent? A trial day at the potential new employer is always a good idea, before you decide to quit. Never rush with this proccess and keep out emotions. Before I joined Antal International it took me six months to compare Rolls-Royce and Antal International and make up my mind if it was worth it... What has been your experience? What have you learned from your  rushed decisions or mistakes?

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