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Laugh Your Way to a Better CV: 3 Hilarious Mistakes You're Making That Are Killing Your Interview Chances


Your CV is like a first date. You want to make a good impression, but you're also worried you might say or do something that will make you come across as a total weirdo. Unfortunately, many of us make mistakes on our CV that are way worse than ordering spaghetti on a first date. In fact, these mistakes are stopping us from getting the interviews we want. Here are the three biggest CV blunders you might be making, and how to avoid them.


You're not Relevant

Imagine you're a hiring manager. You're looking for a candidate who can solve your company's problems. But then you get a CV that talks about how great the candidate is at knitting. Unless your company is a wool manufacturer, that's not going to impress you. Your CV needs to reflect the needs and pain of the hiring manager. You need to show them that you can solve their problems. Otherwise, you're just another irrelevant CV in a sea of irrelevant CVs.


You're too Verbose

You might think that the more you write on your CV, the better. After all, you want to impress the hiring manager, right? But the truth is, no one wants to read a novel-length CV. Your CV should be clear and concise, highlighting your achievements in a way that is easy to read. Hiring managers don't have time to wade through pages of irrelevant information. Keep it short and sweet, and you'll be much more likely to catch their attention.


You're not Achievements Based

If your CV is just a list of your job duties, you're doing it wrong. Your CV should be focused on your achievements. What have you done that has made a difference in your previous roles? How have you contributed to the success of your team or company? Hiring managers want to know what you can bring to the table. By highlighting your achievements, you're showing them that you're not just another cog in the wheel. You're someone who can make a real difference.


So, there you have it. The three biggest CV mistakes you might be making. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your CV needs to be relevant, concise, and achievement-based. Remember, a CV is given about 20 seconds to impress. If it fails to do so, it's lost forever. So, take the time to craft a killer CV that will make hiring managers sit up and take notice. And, who knows? You might just land that dream job you've been after.

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