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Client Advice

Supply Chain and Logistics Industry – 2023 and beyond

By Antal International

There is a sense of change in the air from our lead international recruiters who are at the forefront of the Supply Chain and Logistics industry.  They speak to hundreds of clients and candidates between them, so are well placed to comment on shifts in the industry. 

1. Sustainability matters 

On the horizon for 2023 and now a number one priority on the corporate agendas, is sustainability. Our lead office in the Netherlands, comments that many of their clients in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry are now ready to embrace initiatives to reduce Co2 and their impact on the environment. Be it through increased legislation, pressure from increasing costs of emitting Co2, customers, interest in manufacturing efficiencies, social or environmental consciousness, businesses are finally realising sustainability needs to be urgently addressed. Many of our clients are ready to factor this into their strategic planning, we see this in their recruitment needs, so skills and awareness of these key topics are increasingly important for any new recruits.

2. Near Shoring 

Over the past 12 / 18 months, many companies are begun the process of “near shoring” their manufacturing.  This is not a simple exercise as it involves moving significant manufacturing volumes from distant lands, such as China, closer to home and in European Countries, for example. Reasons for these massive operational moves can be linked in part to sustainability and the desire to have production closer to the consumer market to reduce transportation and Co2 emissions across global supply chains. The team reports that experience in the planning, movement and establishment of production plants are in high demand, as a result.

3. Technology  

The main driver for change in 2023 in the Supply Chain and Logistics space, according to the feedback from our leading Supply Chain and Logistics recruitment team in India, will be technology.  Gradually over the last few years, more and more clients are turning to technology to improve efficiencies in their operations, warehouses, manufacturing and entire logistics supply chain. This has opened the market to new technologies and APPs which can delivery added value to the business. From a recruitment perspective, we note there is an increased interest in candidates with a blend of Supply Chain and Logistics & IT.

4. Shortage of raw materials 

Companies are under increasing pressure to conserve raw materials as the sourcing of these has become increasingly difficult, there seems to be no let-up in this trend in 2023.  Recycling and alternative materials are now the first option in many production cycles. The use of recycled materials can impact on an increased product price, but companies position themselves as being environmentally friendly, locally produced with recycled materials are reported to rapidly gain market share. The consumer seems to be is gradually turning away from the disposable item to those which are reusable.  We note that our clients appreciate and give preference to profiles of candidates who have worked in recycling or the sourcing of hard to find raw materials.

Our international teams are on hand to assist you with your local recruitment needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Written with collaboration and input from: 

Johan RoxsManaging Partner, Antal Netherlands

Jyoti JoshiTeam Leader – Antal International - Pune  



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