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What is a CV that stands out in 2024? Find out here!

By Antal International

In the dynamic landscape of job applications in 2024, staying ahead in the employment game requires a finely tuned curriculum vitae (CV) that not only reflects your skills and experience but also navigates the challenges posed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). To outshine the competition and ensure your CV gets noticed, it's crucial to implement strategies that align with the latest trends while effectively bypassing the ATS algorithms. Here are some of the most effective ways to maintain an up-to-date CV and unlock the secrets to beating the ATS, ensuring your professional story gets the attention it deserves in the evolving job market of 2024.

Formatting is key!

 The structure of your resume is its cornerstone, where the chosen format significantly shapes how your qualifications are showcased. Stick to a standard resume format such as reverse chronological or hybrid resume, which combine a professional summary section with a chronological work history section. While the reverse chronological order is the most preferred format for a resume make sure you are selecting the ideal format by factoring in your career stage and the types of positions you're pursuing. Then, opt for a design that effectively highlights your strengths and accomplishments.


Formatting is not limited to your CV literally

Despite common belief, PDFs aren't the most ATS-friendly format. While they maintain your resume's design, not all ATS software supports them. If an applicant tracking system lists "PDF" among accepted formats, it's safe to submit a PDF. But if file compatibility isn't specified, opt for a .doc or .docx Word document to ensure broader accessibility. Remember to play it safe and avoid unnecessary rejection!


Stop using tables or charts, it’s not a presentation!

While you think it could be a clever way to demonstrate some of the projects you have worked on or some of your skills, they could confuse the ATS big time. Avoid intricate layouts like tables or columns; instead, opt for clear sections with straightforward headings and bullet points. This simplicity assists ATS systems in accurately extracting and organizing your information. Keep it simple and keep it subtle


Keywords are the ‘Key’ words to optimise

To make your resume ATS-friendly, prioritize keyword optimization. Unlike mere "buzzwords" like "proactive" or "self-starter," keywords reflect both your soft and hard skills, showcasing the expertise and qualifications essential for your desired role. Do some research on the profile you are applying for and read the job descriptions. Identify some of the keywords from these JD’s and use them in your CV effectively as they have high probability of being in the ATS system for that listing.


Refrain from using abbreviations or acronym’s

While it may be the most obvious abbreviation in the world, it might not be incorporated in the ATS. So, there are chances that your profile might get skipped or hidden if you are applying for a Digital Marketing Manager position but you have mentioned ‘DM’ manager in your resume.

Add some spice to your CV with some KPIs

Utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure achievements, showcasing the tangible impact of your work. This amplification of your CV's credibility comes from demonstrating the concrete results of your efforts. For example, if you have worked as a social media manager in the past. Don’t just write managed xyz account on linkedin. Instead write something like this, managed to increase the follower count of xyz linkedin account by 75% in 4 months.


In the dynamic realm of job applications in 2024, these strategies form the backbone of a winning CV. By implementing these tactics, you'll not only beat the ATS but also present a CV that resonates with employers, increasing your odds of securing your dream job. Now that you have the secret sauce for the perfect CV, let's have a look at the best job search strategies in 2024.

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