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Client Advice

What will top talent consider most important when deciding where to work in 2024?

By Jennifer Ralph

There has been a noticeable change in what job seekers prioritise when considering a potential employer. As Millennials and Gen Z gain more sway in the workforce, their preferences and values will shape job decisions more than ever, and their criteria for evaluating an employer will, too. This also applies to talented and seasoned professionals. In 2024, we anticipate some crucial factors that will gain significance for job seekers.


Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

The Great Reshuffle has highlighted an essential shift in the priorities of contemporary employees who consider flexibility and work-life balance crucial factors in their work environment. The rise of remote work in recent years has opened new possibilities, with location and commute time becoming less significant. The ability to work at a preferred time and place is now a priority for many, which presents a unique opportunity for employers to create a more flexible and adaptable work culture.

Companies that are forward-thinking in 2024 will offer hybrid and remote options combined with flexible work hours or core collaboration times to employees who want more control over their schedules to integrate personal lives and careers.



Transparency, Values and Culture

Transparency regarding a company's values and culture resonates across generations and has become an important deciding factor. Younger generations have grown up using social media platforms that encourage open information sharing, and they now expect the same level of visibility into a company's beliefs, diversity and inclusion efforts, sustainability goals, and employee satisfaction.

Employers must uphold integrity throughout hiring to foster a positive and ethical work environment. Perceptive recruiters must be prepared to genuinely showcase the company culture, allowing candidates to assess whether it aligns with their values. By maintaining a solid commitment to ethical practices, businesses can attract and retain top talent who share their values and contribute to a positive work environment.


Career Development and Learning Opportunities

Professional development and continuous learning opportunities are becoming increasingly important. Employees view their careers as fluid and ever-changing rather than climbing a single corporate ladder. To meet modern career expectations, employers must confidently offer employees access to training, mentorship, new projects, and lateral moves. Employers can create a culture of growth by showcasing straightforward development programs and promotion paths. Opportunities for upskilling and new challenges excite top candidates.


Making a Difference

Employees are more likely to be satisfied when they feel their contributions positively impact society or the environment. Therefore, companies should strive to have a mission tied to a greater goal. Recruiting messages in 2024 must communicate real examples of employee initiatives around purpose and corporate social responsibility programs making that impact. Connecting teams to sustainable business practices and positive impact inspires productivity across generations.


Compensation, Benefits and Incentives

Employers who don’t keep pace with competitive industry salary ranges and cost-of-living changes won’t fare well with top talent. In addition to salary, the range of benefits and incentives will be important in how employees view a potential employer. Robust health coverage, bonuses, time off, employee resource groups, and other benefits demonstrating the company’s investment in each team member’s well-being will also influence decision-making.


The Takeaway

Job seekers in 2024 expect flexibility, transparency on culture and values, abundant learning opportunities for growth, a higher sense of purpose and creative compensation offers. Meeting these modern employment needs is crucial to winning top talent in a competitive hiring landscape. Employees have more access than ever to workplace information, so they can afford to be selective in finding the right environment to join, grow and thrive in.  

At the forefront of talent acquisition, we have seen priorities shift across generations when evaluating potential employers. We strive to empower our clients and partners with the knowledge and resources needed to create an environment that supports and aligns with enhanced employee aspirations for a thriving business.

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