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Client Advice

Wheels of motion are slowing!

By Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Feedback from the market is that the interview process is slowing down. 


This has 3 main consequences:

  1. Pace of change across the whole labour market slows
  2. Candidates are simply not available for long periods of time
  3. Clients risks losing the best talent


There are number of factors which contribute to this slowdown in the interview process but the main reason being the decision makers themselves are under pressure to gather as much business as possible and recover the company’s position urgently with the markets opening again.  Their time to taken by closing current business and ensuring the survival of the company.  As a consequence, interviews and recruitment of new staff has moved down the pecking order of priorities – times is simply limited. 


As recruiters we ask clients to be aware of this and set aside time in their diary to focus on the recruitment process.  Without their engagement and commitment to the screening of candidates, the best talent will be syphoned away by the competitors.

Peter Wharton, managing partner, from our office in Switzerland says, “such delays impact the brand perception of the client and can lead to candidates not willing to engage with the company in the future.  When culture and values are increasingly important in attracting the best candidates, this can have a negative impact on these companies’ ability to build the strongest, most competitive teams. “


Our teams at Antal are trained to source a thoroughly qualified shortlist of candidates, reducing the time taken to select the best fitting candidate – contact us via without hesitation if you need any recruitment assistance. 



It has come to our attention that clients and candidates are being contacted by individuals fraudulently posing as Antal representatives.  If you receive a suspicious message (by email or WhatsApp), please do not click on any links or attachments.  We never ask for credit card or bank details to purchase materials, and we do not charge fees to jobseekers.