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DR Congo

About Us

We are a global executive leading search organization with more 130 offices in 35 countries, across 5 continents with one mission: “Discovering talent, where he is across the world”. Every week, we achieve around 1000 placements all over the world. we have placed 100 000 candidates in 72 countries for supporting growth of the companies and social services for NGO. We help the organization to find top performing candidates for doing jobs through personality assessment, culture and knowledge as well as right candidates are driving the change. We cover a wide range of industries such as Telecom, Fin Tech, FMCG, Pharma, NGO, Mining, Bank, Insurance, Hotel, NGO, Digital, and cloths of sport. Permanent & Executive Recruitment Our global network is permitting to be connected with the highest level of talent across the globe. our methodology of retaining from middle to senior management roles are proven all over the world. Your assignment becomes our highest priority; you’ll gain access to the highest caliber talents, quickly and exclusively.

Expert in Recruitment

As well as you, every CEO inside the organization is fixing the goals, which all will be back to try to attain these goals. As well as the goals can to be develop your revenue, customer satisfaction, pay salary of employees. For accomplishing these goals, the CEO need to have the right people that can contribute to this goal effectively for this recruitment of people is essential, without to have right candidates or top performing candidates inside your company you can’t reach your goals. You want to sure that the culture of the people you recruit is matching with your organization, the way to behave, the way to collaborate, for that you must have the right people toward job performing. The good news Antal is great partner, global network that has mission to find the right candidate all over the world for filled your open.

Live Jobs
Head of Organisational Development in Bankind industry
Our client a global leading company in the Banking industry, is looking for a Head of Organisational Development that will support the organisation during the transformation process
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Head of Talent management
Our client a global leading company in the Banking industry, is looking for a Head of talent management that will support the organisation toward career development, talent management,  and  organisational resilience program.  
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HR Business Partner in a world class banking organization
Our client a world class company in the Banking industry, is looking for a HR Business Partner who will advise top management in a delivery change context to assure that the organization will attain its goals
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Our Services

RPO Consultancy
We can work in collaboration with your team or take full ownership for managing your internal recruitment strategy, delivering you invaluable insights and volume cost-savings. Contract Recruitment Whether you need a contractor, an interim specialist or a Temporary Manager for a specific project or skill-set, our team will find you the right-fit interim talent fast, right up to executive level.

Additional Services:
We also offer additional services, such as, Team building , Behavior change, E-learning, personality assessment, workforce survey, succession plan(Pipelining).

Meet the Team
  • Belly Bossiky
    Managing Partner
  • Belly Bossiky
    Managing Partner

    Belly Bossiky has followed a MBA program from university of Liverpool, studying SP 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, HP, JP Morgan. He has 20 years of experience with global leader companies from different industries such as Telecom, Logistic, Digital payment, Mobile Money, Bank, Tobacco, and NGO.

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