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Geneve Aeroport

About Us

We specialise in search and recruitment in two key sectors - technology and sustainability. 

For pioneering digital transformation companies - AI, machine Learning, SaaS, blockchain, fintech and IOT we take pride in matching best-in-class c-level, sales and pre-sales, marketing, product management, operations/logistics and engineering management candidates with our innovative clients’ requirements in Europe and the US for fast-growth and scale-up companies.

In the domain of sustainability, we recruit across all industries experienced, high quality talent to define and execute the most appropriate strategies for our clients.

We focus on getting the best possible outcomes of recruitment. We save our clients time and budget, and ensure the best quality, most appropriate candidates to maximise their return on investment on hiring talent.

With a proven track record in recruiting hard-to-find, high-quality talent quickly we help clients better compete and innovate. Our process driven recruitment to save you time and ensure excellent candidate fit within your team

Peter Wharton - Managing Partner

Peter, managing partner of Antal International Geneva prior to founding the agency had 30 years experience in international sales and marketing management for leading global tech vendors and startups and so brings extensive industry experience and a far reaching worldwide network to the search and recruitment of hard-to-find talent that will help his client's grow profitably.

E: [email protected]
P: +41 79 206 3127




Rania Wharton Al-Baroudi – Senior Consultant Sustainability

With 25 years’ international work experience in business development, strategic partnerships and team management for multinational groups, startups, the UN and the Swiss innovation ecosystem, Rania brings solid knowledge of global sustainability issues and a wide international network of professionals in this field. A graduate of the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainable Leadership, a certified Climate Reality Leader and a BCorp Leader she is keen to help businesses address their ESG impacts and recruit the best talents to conduct effective sustainability strategies.    


How to recruit best-in-class executives for your team

Recruiting executives can feel a daunting task. After all, these leaders will effectively make or break your company, and competition for top executive talent is fierce, but a well-defined recruitment strategy and well executed will result in the onboarding of excellent additions to the leadership team.

Which kind of product manager will be most appropriate for your business?

Demand for product management talent has never been stronger in tech, and particularly for B2B SaaS, AI, machine learning and fintech companies. However, defining which type of product management best meets the company’s requirements to profitably grow the business is key to ensure maximum effectiveness especially as many companies have switched to product-led growth strategies over the past couple of years. These are the four categories of product managers that I see most in demand currently.

How to select the most effective recruitment agency for your business

Competition for best-in-class talent between companies has never been fiercer in my memory, and as a consequence many organisations are turning to recruitment agencies for help in searching and engaging with candidates for critical and urgent positions.

But finding the right recruitment partner is not obvious so I’ve shared recommendations on how a company should prepare for agency selection, what criteria will be important and what information you should ask of them before deciding on the agency. Remember, your external recruitment partner will be representing your company and brand, so you must ensure they are the right choice.

The importance of company culture and values to attracting and retaining top talent

Multinational corporations have for many years spent a lot of time, resources and budget in developing and communicating their culture and values, but small and medium sized companies have often been slow or reticent to allocate their more limited resources to doing the same. In my opinion no matter what size the company, building a strong, identifiable company culture and values is critical not only to driving growth and profitability but also in attracting and retaining top talent to drive the organisation to new successes and here's why.

Hiring Marketing Execs

Hiring a marketing exec with global responsibility versus one that has a regional or country role requires different skill and mindsets.

Peter Wharton shares his viewpoint from experience both as a marketing exec for tech companies and as a specialised recruiter for pioneering software vendors.

Recruitment ROI

Recruiting talent is often perceived as a cost to minimise but should be considered an essential investment in increasing the value of the company a key element of strategic business planning.

Does combining Sales Operations and Marketing Operations into one role make sense?

Peter Wharton is seeing more companies recruit executives to run both sales operations and marketing operations rather than maintain them as separate departments and explains why. Peter is managing partner at Antal International Geneva and recruits c-level, sales, marketing and operations management talent for pioneering tech companies.

What talent is required for a Product led company vs sales led company?

Product-led growth and sales-led growth are two major approaches to growing a software business. But what is the impact on your company’s organisation if you have a product-led growth strategy or a sales-led growth strategy? Setting up your organisation with the right talent resources is critical to success as I outline in this video.

How do you build a high performing exec team for a tech scale-up company?

As small and mid-sized tech companies start scaling up their business the need to assemble a top-class executive team is crucial to its success. A company’s quality of leadership just simply cannot be overstated and is more important than ever.

From my experience, these are the typical key sequential steps in building the team at the start of the scale-up journey.

Typical Search Timeline
  • Week 1

    - Finalize job profile,  candidate personality and search strategy (target companies, companies not to target, individual profiles) following dialog with direct hiring manager
    - Start search process 
  • Week 2-4

    - Search and selection
    - Candidate interviews by Antal
    - Reference checks made by Antal
    - Weekly progress report to client
  • Week 5 

    - Provide shortlist and detailed profiles of qualified and motivated candidates
  • Week 6-8

    - Candidates interviewed by client
    - Final decision and offer to selected candidate
Live Jobs
Head of ML Application Engineering – Engineering Design Simulation Software
Pioneering company specialised in 3D Deep Learning Software dedicated to Computer-aided Engineering and Design is looking to recruit a dynamic Head of ML Application Engineering.
  • Competitive Package
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
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Vice President International Sales
Pioneering company specialised in 3D Deep Learning Software dedicated to Computer-aided Engineering and Design is looking to recruit a dynamic VP International Sales.
  • Competitive Package
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
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Senior Sales Manager USA
Pioneering software/IoT solution provider in the airports and airlines industry is searching for a dynamic sales manager to lead the development of the North American market.
  • Competitive Package
  • United States
Read More
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Client Endorsements

Peter did a great job in placing a number of excellent sales candidates at Sharpcloud this year.  We appreciated Peter’s experience and thoughtful approach to finding new sales executives to help SharpClud meet our objectives.

  • Matthew Lister

Peter worked diiligently with us to recruit with us a first class senior sales executive based in Asia this year.  His enery, integrity, relationship skills and ability to identify and propose best-in-class candidates in such a specialised indutry was highly appreciated by the management team.

  • Philippe LePage

We are really happy with the recruitment Peter has helped us with at B4Restore. He clearly understands the backup-as-a-service industry well and has provided us with excellengt recruits in product marketing, service delivery management and senior operations management.

  • Henrik Lauresen
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