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About Us

Antal JFA, led by Jim Foster, provides expertise in Cyber Security & ICT Recruitment in a number of technology based disciplines. Jim brings a blend of business acumen and solid industry experience gained from over 30 years in Engineering and Project related roles. Jim has a unique perspective for an Executive Search Consultant, having recruited his own teams he can appreciate how difficult and frustrating the process can be, unless an appropriate and systematic approach is employed.

Antal – JFA operates Internationally and  specialises in ICT recruitment at middle to senior level management.

Cyber Security

Manged Security Solutions


Professional and Shared Service and Systems Integration.


Fixed and Mobile
Equipment and Application Developers
Service Providers and Operators.

Cloud Computing

Hosting Services and Solutions
Managed Application Hosting
Data Centres Saas/Paas/Caas/Iaas
IT System development.

Unified Communication and Contact centre application

Workforce Optimisation
Audio Recording
Speach Analytics
Text Analytics
Resource Optimisation etc.

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Jim was always helpful, clear and on time with the information needed to best perform for me as a potential employee, and now I am successfully placed within the company it is confirmed that he is very well regarded for these traits internally as well. Jim has also of course followed up to ensure I am settling in well and we will certainly be using Jim going forward as he finds the right talent at the right time.

  • George Roberts
  • Vice President Sales at Servion Global Solutions

Jim was great, took time to get to know me, the type of individual I am and the type of role and company that would be a complimentary fit.

He supported and coached me, and the company through the interview process (all 5 stages) and much to my own surprise, I actually enjoyed the process, feeling informed and well prepared for each stage. I'm now 2 weeks into a new job with a new company and loving it! I would recommend Jim to anyone looking for a new job and any companies seeking a professional recruiter.

  • Eva Court
  • Snr Business Development Manager - IoT Tata Communications

Jim is a very experienced professional recruiter who consistently delivers excellent results to meet tight deadlines. Jim has a wide network of contacts, is customer focused, thorough and hardworking. He has repeatedly pulled out all the stops for me when working on assignments to find well matched candidates for a wide range of roles including niche and very senior ones in addition to more standard roles. Jim is a pleasure to work with and a trusted advisor

  • Jill Hearst
  • SVP HR EMEA at Verint

For many years Jim has selected the right candidates for interview and his advice has always been accurate and informative.


  • Chris putt
  • UK Managing Director at Global Cloud Xchange

Jim is an absolute gem & consummate professional to work with. A rare breed of head hunter, who delivers quality roles to match job seeker

  • Dean Chettra
  • Sonus

Jim recruited me into my current role and has continued to provide recruitment services to the company. In all my dealings with Jim I have found him to be highly professional, focused on the task in hand and able to source high quality candidates, everything you should expect from a quality recruitment professional but not always the case.

  • Andy Scopes
  • SVP Services and Support EMEA at Verint

Nobody came close to the professionalism, the integrity, the commitment that Jim showed. From our first conversation, he showed me that he meant business. He knew his Client well, he knew the position well and he, definitely, knew what to look for in order to add value both to his Client and myself. During the hiring process, he always delivered what he promised, and not even once he failed to follow up. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who either is seeking for a new job or is looking to hire the best person for a job

  • Stavros Aivaliotis
  • MBA

Jim is a fantastic gentleman to work with, He is very skilled and professional whilst talking business and will assist in everyway possible.

Many thanks Jim.

  • Louise Lellow
  • Executive Assistant at Credit Suisse

Jim is a recruiter who thinks outside the box to provide value to his clients.
For example, we did a telephone interview recording to differentiate his candidate against the competition. This in turn saves hiring manager's time in due diligence and speed up hiring process to attract to creme de la creme candidates. His high tech marketing campaign works!

  • Pauline Gan
  • Global Key Accounts Director at Informa

Jim is a qualified recruiter who helped me find my actual job. Once Jim contacted me, we kept in touch with each other. He made me feel as a professional asset. In sum, I'm really thankful for all the support and advice that Jim gave me through the selection process. I strongly recommend him as a professional recruiter for technology companies, and recommend Antal to whoever wish to explore or pursue new job opportunities.

  • Constantino Jesús Gómez
  • PMP® Project Manager, Client Services at Citrix Systems Spain, SL

I worked with Jim on a couple of prospects & found him always to be professional, well-informed and consistent in his approach. He worked with singular purpose to achieve a joint aim and delivered accordingly. I would certainly recommend Jim and his services to anyone.

  • Simon Wade
  • Account Director at Datapoint

Jim has been able to obtain interviews for me at 2 very significant companies. The first at Avaya UK, gained me a position as Head of Global Engagement and Service Delivery and the second gained me the opportunity to seel my skills to a global Telecomms provider.

In each case, Jim has been communicative, diligent and good natured in his approach. His range of contacts is extremely well spread and unlike many recruiters, Jim is prepared to take calls and speak directly to his clients.

  • Bill Holloway
  • Senior Commercial Director, specialising in Outsourcing & Managed Services

Jim and I worked together for a job opportunity where Jim supported me with all relevant and needed information about the position. Jim was well informed about the position and the company and all questions I had were answered in a high quality. He has a very strong service mentality and a solution driven way of working. I worked with a lot Executive Search Companies and Jim is very well organized and always up to date.

  • Lars Krug
  • Director Enterprise Standard Fulfilment bei Vodafone
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