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Barcelona Tecnología, Spain
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Since 2009 AMKALIS Search&Consulting SLU is integrated in the Antal International Network and up today we are the first and the unique Antal’s independent franchise in Spain and also the unique office of the Antal’s network in Spain that work exclusively in Technology Sector and more precisely in 2 sectors:

  1. Information Technology

  2. Industrial Automation & Robotics (including Industry 4.0)

Having in consideration the convergence in those fields we put special emphasis in Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Robotics and Industry 4.0

This emphasis is reflected in our membership in Antal’s Global Task Force in Cyber Security, which is the vertebral column of all subsectors of our activity.

We perform the Direct Search (Headhunting) and Selection of executives, managers and experts locally and inside of the range of the Antal’s network all over the world.

Thus, in those years we solved the needs of our clients in countries like: Albania, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, UK and USA.

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Some of our clients (in alphabetic order):

Accenture, Acciona, ALMIS, Avire, COS Mantenimiento, Costaisa, Crane Payment Innovations, CSI Leasing, DenyAll, FANUC Robotics, FLUIDRA, García Munté Energía, HOLCIM,  KUKA, Leuze electronic, NTT Communications, Rohde&Schwarz Cybersecurity, Seidor, Verint Systems.

It’s been our experience that advertising, job boards and agencies which use advertise on them as the main source of candidates  tend to yield to the best of unemployed, the best of the unhappy and the best of unqualified.

And we experimented that our customers would rather love to build their teams with another type of person: the winner, the high accomplisher, the high achiever. But this kind of person isn’t reading ads and they aren’t registering with employment agencies or on job boards. But they are available…if they are approached in the proper manner by a professional recruiter.

Which of those two types of candidates would you prefer to have on board?

Here’s the point where our services’ differential value really resides.

Thus using our services your organization can benefit from:

  • Access to the unique candidates who can be reached only by a direct contact through the headhunting techniques.


  • Our team experience and network in our specialization areas.


  • Complex process managing capacity and an effective coaching of both candidates and customers in order to produce excellent results and satisfaction of all involved parts.


  • Access to the endless number of synergies that the global Antal network accumulated experience reinforced by our team’s specific experience as technology dedicated headhunters since 2009 bring to us.


Our specialisation areas:


  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Transformation
  • Virtualisation and Cloud Computing


Roles we worked in that sector:

Business Manager, Financial Manager, International Sales Manager, Business Unit Manager, Account Manager, Security and Intelligence Consultant, Cloud Computing Engineer, SysAdmin,  Storage & Backup Architect , Hosting Solutions Architect,  Business Network Engineer, Network Specialist, Project Manager, IT Banking Solutions Consultant, Banking Functional Consultant, etc.

Industrial Automation & Robotics (incl.  Industry 4.0):

Roles we worked in those sectors:

General Manager, Financial Manager, Production Manager, R&D Manager, HR Manager, Key Account Manager, Presales, Technical Service Engineer.

The Technology specialised office runs in Barcelona since 2009 when Adam Kaliś joined the Antal’s network as a self-employed sole-practitioner and the unique Antal’s franchisee in the country. Good results of his activity made possible to establish a limited company and today AMKALIS Search& Consulting SLU, led by Adam Kaliś, is trading as Antal International Network in Spain.

Adam, MSc Electronic Engineering in Informatics Systems (made officially equivalent to the Spanish Telecommunications Engineer), brings his solid industry experience as engineer and manager,  and his business acumen based on his 20 years’ experience in projects and multinational companies of electronics, industrial electronics, electro mechanics and informatics.

His trajectory in the industry started from R&D engineer, then he performed as Project Manager and finally as R&D and Technical Director.

This trajectory gives him a unique perspective: technical, industrial and commercial. And the former experience of having recruited his own teams during more than 10 years made him to suffer directly the difficulties and the enormous effort of dedicated time that recruitment means when neither a direct contact nor a complete understanding with the agency working the process exists.

Thus his trajectory and his all- levels communication ability make easier this understanding of the requirements that may decisively influence over the success of the search and placement process, and the customer and candidate satisfaction.

And finally, Adam Kaliś is the founder of a well-known and popular LinkedIn group: Headhunter España.

Adam Kalis
+34 931737984 / +34 910867554
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Avenida Meridiana 354, 10-1 Barcelona Spain
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