Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Antal International have operated in the greater China region for over 10 years and currently have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong-Kong. Our HQ is based in Beijing and we have over 75 experienced consultants working across multiple markets helping clients find mid-top level executives in addition to our associates in Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.
Our focus is on Rising-Star candidates. This means the top candidates in each discipline and sector that we cover. Typically a Rising-Star will be an internationalist candidate who may have either studied or worked in Europe or the USA, with a strong educational background, and a great track record in both their discipline and industry sector. 

Which Companies do we consult for?

Our clients are both fortune 500 companies, who were amongst the first to invest in mainland China, as well as newer investors in the region. In Hong-Kong, we are particularly strong in the banking and legal areas, but we also have strong relationships in Hong Kong with Asian HQs where we might be conducting searches for clients in mainland China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia or Singapore.