Bracknell - ICT Recruitment, UK

Bracknell - ICT Recruitment, UK

Discover the Five Reasons Why Top Performing ICT Sales People Will Not Join Your Business

and what you can do about it.

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  • The Five reasons the top sales performers will not join you, and what you can do about it
  • Not knowing the forth reason will cost you a lot of time and thousands of pounds
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The first thing most companies do to reduce their costs is cut the spend on external recruiters. Fees paid to external recruiters can seem high and if you can manage to find the people you need yourself then they are unnecessary (and we are not cheap!) so we agree, if you can effectively recruit yourself why wouldn’t you? 

​Many of the clients we successfully work with today, tell us they are looking to reduce their recruitment costs but have found that these costs are not just about how much they pay the recruiter, the hidden costs are the time spent by each person engaged in the process, time wasted by:

  • Reviewing countless inappropriate CVs.
  • Undertaking a multitude of first stage interview to get to a realistic shortlist of candidates.
  • Candidate dropouts due to lack of proper engagement, ineffective screening, verification of qualifications and achievements etc.
  • Re-recruiting for the same role when the recruitment fails due to, say, a lack of a proper qualification process.


According to a recent survey LESS THAN 20% of potential candidates are actively looking for a new job TODAY.

Our Customers tell us that the value we bring them is to attract the top talent they cannot attract themselves; we help them succeed where they have previously failed.

Attract candidates from the 80% that are not actively looking (without ignoring the 20% that are), the benefit of this to you is clear; you will know that you have seen the best talent that is available today, not just those you managed to get to respond to your job opening. AND YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!

Recent clients include:

Nexidia, Vizolution, Sonus Networks, Maintel, Lifesize, FIS Merchant Payments, Systems Mechanic, Avaya, Red Bend, Global Cloud Xchange, Vodafone Enterprise, IBM, Accenture, Alcatel Lucent, Nihilent, Huawei Technologies, Telesoft Technologies, Cisco Systems, Mavenir Systems, Claranet, Easynet, Telstra,  Citrix, Detica, ACI Worldwide, Verint, Tata Communications, Touch Commerce, Ladol, Intamac Systems.


The services we offer include:

  • Access to a combination of local and international expertise through leaders from across the Antal Network, who have worked in the ICT industry, and who understand the ;War for Talent; issue currently at the forefront of all recruiters; minds.
  • In-house researchers and consultants with excellent commercial, linguistic and cultural understanding of the markets in which they work.
  • Experience of conducting multi-faceted projects and the ability to guide and advise candidates through the entire recruitment process, relocation and other issues.
  • Complete Personality and Role profiling using leading assessment tools to gain a ;better fit; hire to reduce costly staff turnover, ensuring that together we ;get it right first time.

Our specialisations include:

Outsourcing: ITO, BPO, BTO, Professional and Shared Service and Systems Integration.
Telecoms: Fixed and Mobile, Equipment and Application Developers, Service Providers and Operators.
Cloud Computing: Hosting Services and Solutions, Managed Application Hosting, Virtualisation, Data Centres, Saas / Paas / Caas / Iaas, OSS/BSS, IT System development.
Unified Communications: Unified Messaging, Contact Centres, VoIP, Fixed and Mobile convergence, IPT, Video and Audio Conferencing.
Contact Centre Applications: Workforce Optimisation, Audio Recording, Analytics, Speech Analytics, etc.
Oil & Gas: Logistic operations.

​The Bracknell ICT practice, led by Jim Foster, is able to provide expertise in a wide range of technology based disciplines. Jim brings a blend of business acumen and solid industry experience gained from over 30 years in electronic engineering and project related roles. Jim has a unique perspective as a recruitment business owner. Having recruited his own teams he can appreciate how difficult and frustrating the process can be unless an appropriate and systematic approach is employed. Previously Jim has been a Programme Manager in the Telecoms sector working on the broadband access programme with Energis Communications, switch and telecom infrastructure projects, product development and capability enhancement. His early career was in the Royal Navy as an Electronics Engineer where he served as a Submariner with responsibility for the day to day management and maintenance of all the sonar equipment on board a nuclear submarine.