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Marten Meesweg

About Us

At Antal Rotterdam we combine industry knowledge, proven search & selection methodologies to deliver added value in executive search and recruitment.  We have been in the business for many years. And in today’s market you need to make sure you get it first time right - we can help to make just that difference!

The Dutch office along with the Antal network concentrates on finding and placing TOP Supply Chain and Logistics Talents for all industries and sectors.

Typical Focus Areas:
  Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain; Customer Service; Logistics; Procurement; Production, Planning and Inventory Management)
  General Management in Supply Chain and Logistics (Factory / Site Director, BU director, COO)
  Logistics Engineering (RFQ, RFI, Supply Chain optimizations, Capacity calculations, data analyses)
  (Senior Demand and Supply Planners, Capacity Management, Transport and  Warehouse Planners, ... )

We can help you reach your ambitions in growing your team with high potential candidates and assess the business competences of these candidates to avoid mistakes.

Our Services

  • Recruitment

    Headhunting recruitment services:
    We search and assess more than 80 candidates before we present you a shortlist. A quality search for a reasonable price.

  • Presenting Candidates

    Even if you do not have a vacancy (yet), we propose candidates. Many projects are already in your business plans, but the vacancies are posted at the last minute. By introducing our top candidates, we can help you find the talent you need without the administrative chaos and last minute stress.

  • Package Deal

    If you expect more vacancies in the coming months, we can offer a special 'volume' rate. We can help you fill the roles, and knowing what you are likely to need in the next year we can proactively look for talent and the cultural fit that you are likely to need.


We supply quality recruitment for managers and senior professionals in Supply Chain. Our extensive experience in the business gives us the advantage to select the best candidates for you and to assess their business seniority even before presenting them.

Our typical Focus Areas:
 Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain; Customer Service; Logistics; Procurement; Production, Planning and Inventory Management)
 General Management in Supply Chain and Logistics 
 Logistics Engineers
 Senior Demand and Supply Planners, Capacity Management, Transport and Warehouse Planners, ...

Understanding the Business

At Antal Rotterdam we understand your business. We solve your issues in the specialist roles in Supply Chain and Logistics. 

The companies who benefit the most from our knowledge are: 
- Logistic Service Providers
- Companies producing FMCG / Food / Chemicals
- Wholesale and E-com companies
- Pharma, Healthcare and Life Science Companies 

Just reach out and discover how Antal can help you solve your recruitment issues in these special times.

Case Study - Business Process Manager 


At Antal we actively search the best candidates, the top-5% individuals in the business. We help these individuals to build a profile and present them to our business partners.

Nowadays individuals have difficult times replying on vacancies as so many others do. For top-candidates to make their CV's stand out, we interview these candidates and write a professional profile. This profile is completed with 3 informal references and sent out to the hiring managers in our network.

Do you want to receive profiles of top candidates in your required specialism? Please hit the 'call me back' button.

Live Jobs
Business Process Manager
Samen met jouw teams én collega’s realiseer je een klanttevredenheid die boven verwachting ligt. Je regelt processen zo in dat klanten optimaal beleverd worden en lost problemen op voordat ze er zijn.  
  • Prima arbeidsvoorwaardenpakket
  • Netherlands
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Vendor scheduler (temporary)
Ben je begaan met operationele inkoop en supply chain planning, heb je vendor scheduling in de vingers en ken je de betreffende SAP modules als je broekzak? We zijn op zoek naar een ervaren Vendor Scheduler (tijdelijke invulling).
  • Netherlands
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Customer Service Representative (Temporary)
Begrijp je wat klanten verwachten en kun je met hen schakelen, heb je service in je vingers en ken je de CS-SAP functies uit je hoofd? Dan is dit een rol voor jou!
  • Netherlands
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Account Supervisor / Logistiek Account Manager
Ben je een hands-on een Logistiek Accountmanager/ Account Supervisor? Als Account Supervisor ben je het aanspreekpunt om de business te stabiliseren en samenwerking met klanten en partners te optimaliseren.
  • Excellent package
  • Netherlands
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E-commerce Specialist BtoC
Begrijp je de dynamiek van een e-commerce omgeving (BtoC), ben je een kei met data en kun je de logistieke parameters hierop inregelen?
  • Prima arbeidsvoorwaardenpakket
  • Netherlands
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