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Allée de Chartres

About Us

Based in Bordeaux, France, our office is part of the Antal Network. We specialise in mid to senior level recruitment worldwide, covering exclusively the Medical Device industry.

We are experts both in the recruitment market and our discipline.

We work with professional and managerial talent worldwide. Every day, we help businesses all around the world to find the talent that they need in order to drive their growth, profits and long-term success.

Utilising an extensive international network to carry out cross border work allows us to bring a truly unique approach to the recruitment sector. We do this with 1200 experts from more than 150 offices, spanning over 38 countries.

Over the past 25 years, we have worked with over 60,000 clients making over 100,000 placements. We firmly believe that our deep market expertise can benefit organisations that seek a knowledgeable and professional business partner, with scale and global reach.

We can save you time, worry and money. Most importantly, we remove the risk of running a business that lacks the talented staff to make it succeed.

Your Recruitment Expert

Gilles Coutard - Managing Partner 

As logical extension of his successful career in the Medical Device industry, Gilles COUTARD is heading the Antal office located in Bordeaux. With 30 years’ experience in different Medical Device specialties and in a variety of roles, Gilles is able to bring industry, management, and commercial expertise on the table, allowing Antal to offer its clients a true understanding of their industry.

Holding a PhD in Sports Psychology, an Engineering Degree in Sport Biomechanics and an MBA in International Management, Gilles started his career in 1990 in the Medical Device industry where he held various senior positions such as General Manager, Managing Director and Vice President at domestic, regional and global levels. He worked and lived in several countries and gained a large experience in managing multicultural companies with hundreds of employees. 

His understanding and knowledge of both the overall company’s operations and the Medical Device market dynamics position him as the right partner to work with for a head-hunting requirement. 

Gilles’ wealth of experience will enable him to deliver solutions to both his clients and candidates for local or cross-border placements.


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