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Bengaluru, India

About Us

We are an Antal team based in Bengaluru and specialized in embedded systems and digital marketing industry. We have a rare combination of skills and academic background in electronics engineering and digital marketing, with an expertise in recruitment and selection. This gives us a deep understanding of these industries and target the right talent for our clients.

We have worked for varied sized businesses in the embedded and digital marketing industry and closed various positions from mid to senior level. Our clientele includes embedded product design companies, especially from industrial automation, medical devices, avionics/aerospace, automotive, and engineering design service companies. We also have worked in the digital marketing space with agencies, ecommerce, product or various services organizations.

We hire for lateral, middle-level, senior and leadership level for all technical and non-technical roles.



We help our clients hire the best talent in hardware engineering, firmware/software development, pcb designing, architecture, system engineering, component/procurement engineering from various embedded system industries. We also support in hiring for various non-technical roles in sales and digital marketing such as business developers, search engine marketers, social media marketers, advertisers, content developers and copywriters, and also creative designers.

Meet Vishal Dixit

Led by Vishal Dixit who has 15 years of work experience in multiple roles within the retail, technology, edtech, fashion prior to joining Antal as a Managing Partner in 2021. Vishal holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems with a specialization in eBusiness Technology from The University of Manchester, UK and has completed his under-graduation in Information Technology from The University of Mumbai. His academic background presents a good understanding of the various roles involved in electronics engineering and his experience of digital marketing and sales helps to understand the various roles in business development.