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La Croix-Rousse

About Alain Thimonier


I am an expert in the global Executive search from the chemicals and measuring & control  industries. 

With proven record of success in navigating companies through new venture start-up, international joint-venture, turnaround, and performance transformations to achieve unprecedented profit gains, I have built up hard and soft skills driving performance, growth and profitability of medium-size business units and subsidiaries of listed and family-owned organizations, as well as driving cross-functional teams in both industrialized and emerging countries (include expat), across Europe, Asia and America.


Identify, select and submit targeted top talents, whose action is critical to your business and give you access to the non-visible part of the market, where 2/3 of the professionals are located. 
- Executives and Board members
- Research and Development
- Marketing and Sales
- Regulatory  
- Production, Process, Maintenance, QHSSE
- Support functions, including Finance, HR, Logistics and Supply Chain.


What Makes Me Different

My added value consists in bringing you concrete solutions based on the understanding of your needs, saving you time, money and frustration to facilitate your access to the best profiles who will be able to reach their objectives and contribute significantly to the growth, profits and long-term success of your company.

The Verticals I Serve

MY MARKETS EXPERTISE - 30 years'experience, France and global

Commodity Chemicals - Specialties, and their applications:

- Inorganic chemistry and basic raw materials such as chlorine, soda...
Applications : dyes, pigments, industrial gases, chlorine, soda, fertilizers

- Organic chemistry related to petrochemicals, monomers, intermediates and polymers (plastics and synthetic rubbers/elastomers)
Applications : aeronautics, automotive, packaging, construction, electronics, etc

- Specialty chemicals for specific uses
Applications : paints & varnishes, inks, adhesives, sealants, glues, composites, soaps & detergents, hygiene products, plant protection, ceramics, specific high-tech areas , material sciences, water treatment and industrial niche applications, etc.

- Green chemistry and bio-based products are becoming increasingly important for sustainable chemistry and a reduced carbon footprint.
Applications : intermediates, finished products, polymers, specialties, etc.

- Scientific instrumentation for private and public research laboratories and quality control
Applications : automation, product testing, repetitive testing, physico-chemical measurements, process control, measurement & control.



Selection Criteria

Candidates are thoroughly selected according to 8 criteria which can be adjusted to your specific needs:

- Top education background 
- Motivation for International scope  
- Results oriented and major achievements
- Familiar with gobal matrix organizations
- Proficiency in 2-3 languages, additionally to mother tongue
- High performanc record validated by reference check
- Soft skills
- Ethical values


J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer Alain lors d'un recrutement, j'ai réellement apprécié ses compétences professionnelles de recruteur, sa bienveillance et son Humanité. Son profil est clairement un plus pour les entreprises multi-culturelles, son ouverture d'esprit lui permet de trouver et de sélectionner des profils les plus adaptés du plus conventionnel ou plus atypique qui se relèveront ensuite de réels atouts pour l'Entreprise. Il est agréable de rencontrer des recruteurs qui prennent un vrai temps d'écoute lors de l'ensemble des phases, et qui vous suivent dans votre parcours. Voilà, une belle rencontre professionnelle tout simplement ! 

  • Céline Dehaut
  • Fondatrice et dirigeante d'Intelligo Consulting

I have hired Alain after I had aqcuired the company Rheo S.A. from its founders who had the idea to retire after the transfer. My french language skills made me rush to find somebody with ample ability to understand the products (rheological equipment), the market (a highly specialized niche) as well as the culture in our corporation (our group of companies belonged to Thermo Electron Corp. Waltham, Mass.). I found Alain as one who had this ability and who was able to speedstart in this complicated situation. His language skills as well as his people skills have convinced me on a decision that has proven positive although taken in a kind of a hurry. I can recommend Alain for all types of general management in France as well as in other places of Europe. He is able to adapt quickly and successfully. I wish him all the best in his personal as well as professional endeavours.

  • Roland Schultner
  • Consultant
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