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Tahlia Street
Saudi Arabia

About Us

Antal International - KSA extends Antal’s footprint to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by far the largest Gulf market both by population and economy. Antal is one of the first award-winning international Talent Acquisition firms to enter the KSA’s challenging market in which high-quality professional services are in shortage, and mostly provided remotely by firms outside the Kingdom.

In a country with over 65% of the population under 30 and a high level of unemployment, Antal International’s Saudi office fully supports the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by employing more Saudis and females in the workplace, thanks to Saudization experts in the team who have a proven track record of strategically improving the Saudization in many organizations.

In this culturally sensitive people’s business, our office adapts Antal’s ‘global’ approach in a meaningful ‘local’ way through seasoned senior partners who have twenty plus years of experience in the Saudi market with a fine blend of both C-Suite and Recruitment experience.

Our Story: Enough!

Back when we were C-suite executives working for big corporations in the Kingdom, we were frustrated by recruitment companies who neither understood our requirements nor brought forth candidates who fit the requirements. ON top of that, the candidates were uninformed about the position’s deliverables or were out of our salary band.

Local agencies were not organized and detail-oriented enough and international firms, despite their high standards, were not sensitive to the local culture. Therefore, we decided to come together to fill the gap and raise the standard of Talent Acquisition in the Kingdom, given our 10 plus years of experience in the field, having worked with Fortune 500 brands and Forbes top 10.

In other words, we created the talent acquisition firm that we desired to see. With the Antal Int'l, we offer international standards, coupled with an appreciation of local culture and utilization of an excellent network of Saudi Nationals, with stringent assessment and matching using multilayer scientific assessment techniques. We bring a high level of professionalism and assessment expertise, especially at the mid-management level, which is the backbone of any organization.

Standard Services

Contingency Base
If you like to pay upon the candidate’s selection, then this option is a perfect match for your need. In this non-committal option, we will conduct database search only and share with you the CVs of the matching candidates.  

This option engages a talent acquisition expert who works on your positions exclusively and is committed to delivering a short list of candidates. This option offers some value-added services like using our network to approach passive candidates, salary negotiation and transition coaching for the candidate along with a replacement guarantee. You will have a dedicated team and an account manager to fulfil your vacancy in the shortest possible time.

This is the most premium option and includes all of the above services, plus many value-added services like head-hunting, reference checks, post-joining coaching and extended replacement guarantees.

RPO Consultancy
We can work in partnership with your team or take full ownership for managing your internal recruitment strategy and process, delivering invaluable insights and volume cost-savings.

Contract Recruitment
Whether you need a contractor or an interim specialist for a specific project or skill set, our team will find you the right-fit interim talent fast, right up to C-Level.

Strategic Services

Talent Pipeline and Talent Mapping
We offer exclusive Talent Pipeline and Talent Mapping services for sophisticated clients who believe in keeping an eye on the market for the good talent and building the virtual bench.

Strategic Leadership and Talent Assessment
We assist you in creating a leadership and talent advantage by assessing and developing an attractive A-team in all the leadership and strategic roles, which in turn creates an agile organization that is ever ready to respond swiftly and effectively to any and all change. We also help you mitigate the risk of possible future talent gaps by creating a succession planning and a virtual bench.

AI based Video Interviews!
We are the only talent acquisition firm in the Kingdom that shares video interviews with you as part of the shortlist, reducing your hiring cost by at least 50% and making the whole process COVID-19 guidelines adherent. Hiring authorities find these video interviews very useful, as they provide a good idea of the candidate’s personality, communication and presentation style.

Outplacement & Career Advisory
A layoff impacts not only the employees being asked to leave but all stakeholders including investors, consumers, markets, and worst of all, the morale of the remaining employees. We offer an outplacement assistance package to the corporate for their affected employees providing career advisory services to help them land a job, which transforms a negative situation into a positive one leaving employees appreciative of this farewell gesture which furthers the employer’s brand reputation.

Our Top 4!
  • Global Reach!

    Antal enjoys seamless communication between all our international offices, which means that when we conduct international assignments, we truly cover the globe for the best talents from major markets around the world.
  • Not Your Typical Recruiter!

    We are far from the typical recruiters who focus on JDs and CVs. As corporate executives we know both are outdated and scarcely relied on, which is why we focus on “deliverables” and “achievements” instead, which help us find the best-matched talents faster; ones who can hit the ground running.
  • Saudization Experts!

    We have Saudization experts in our team that have a proven track record of strategically improving the Saudization for many organizations. We can help you reach your Saudization target in a sustained manner: by identifying the roles where Saudization is more likely to succeed, and then helping you create the necessary structure to attract them.
  • Top Performers Only!

    Most companies’ recruitment processes are designed to weed out unqualified candidates, and do not attract top performers. We fully understand the psyche and behaviors of top performers, which allows us to search for, screen and attract the passive A-Class players who are not available in popular databases.

What does this all mean to you?

In short, it means you are in safe hands when it comes to hiring the right team. You will no longer be bogged down in CVs coming from all directions; instead, you will receive a shortlist of three hand-picked, passive A-class, top performing candidates for each position you entrust us. All the back-end hard work will be done on your behalf. On top of that, an international firm being your company’s ambassador in the market will add to your employer branding.

Meet the Team
  • Amir Khurshid
    Managing Partner
  • Amir Khurshid
    Managing Partner

    Amir brings with him 30 years of well-rounded experience in the Automotive value-chain, Franchise Development, FMCG, Packaging, Consulting and Academia. He has led strategy implementation for the world’s best-known brands in  Saudi Arabia including Robert Bosch, Kumho Tire, Mercedes-Benz, Knorr-Bremse, Beissbarth, Zexel, Velyen Istobal, etc.

    Amir played a pivotal role in establishing Bosch’s equipment business in the government sector and leading the Bosch Car Service initiative in KSA.

    Amir has a proven record of leading teams, transforming businesses, maximizing revenues, managing principal-dealer relationships, attaining cross-functional efficiencies, expanding distribution networks and winning market share in highly competitive environments.

    He earned his MBA from Warwick Business School, UK as a Britannia Chevening scholar. He also holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. His achievements include bringing the world’s leading managerial recruitment firm Antal International to Saudi Arabia, which he headed as Managing Partner.

  • Zubair Sobani
  • Zubair Sobani

    Zubair is a celebrated CEO, entrepreneur and turnaround expert who has a long list of achievements under his belt during his 30+ years of stellar career.He has successfully led brands like Toyota, Daihatsu and Nissan in  KSA/ the region. Besides general management, he has had hands-on experience in Marketing and Sales, Brand development, Positioning, Pricing, New Product Development, Supply Chain Management etc. He is also experienced in Consulting, Retail and Venture Capital in the Middle East, Canada, USA and Pakistan.

    Now steering a list  of his own business initiatives in Consulting, Digital Marketing, BPO, Food etc. Zubair’s advice is highly valued in Business Planning & Transformation and Strategy.  He is particularly referred to in the field of Automotive. He sits on various boards and advises a number of CEOs/Chairmen.

    Zubair has built these skill sets upon the solid foundations as a professional Chartered Accountant and Cost & Management Accountant.

  • Imran Yousuf
    General Manager
  • Imran Yousuf
    General Manager

    As a truly global leader who has lived and worked across four continents, an entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded businesses, a CEO, board member and advisor to tech start-ups,  a Business and leadership advisor to family businesses, an executive coach to CEOs and finally as a certified Senior Human Resources professional, Imran Yousuf brings a unique perspective to the table. Having worked with the world's top 10 in the field of Human Resources for the last 20+ years placing numerous C-level and board executives in some of the top organizations here in the Region.

    Imran is committed to raising the Talent performance in the Middle East through unique business models and the latest international best practices as he appreciates the complex regional strategic issues, corporate culture, and leadership landscape .

    With the new generation taking over family businesses, Imran is most passionate about helping family businesses transform into a world-class organization by OD interventions and aligning the Leadership team to create massive shareholder value.

  • Tilat Rizvi
    Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Tilat Rizvi
    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Tilat, who believes in "Celebrating Diversity Recruiting", is a Sr. Talent Acquisition professional with proven results in developing and leading recruitment drives across multiple countries. She is a highly passionate HR professional with 15 years of extensive experience. Her flair to explore, learn and equipped with utmost updated skills differs her with others. She has closed many critical positions with senior candidates in Retail, Automotive, Information Technology , Engineering , Consumer Durable , FMCG & Manufacturing space. 

    Tilat works closely with her clients, understands their requirements to drive recruiting efforts to increase the pipeline & hiring of diverse candidates. She has expertise in executive recruitment. Her diligent & meticulous communication ensures much needed fast boarding in critical times.  Additionally, her "Nothing is impossible" attitude coupled with an ever-smiling trait are the strongest skills Tilat has!

  • Mahrukh Hussain
    Senior Associate
  • Mahrukh Hussain
    Senior Associate

    New to the Antal International team is the enthusiastic and driven recruiter Mahrukh Hussain. She is a highly determined person who approaches challenges with a "can-do" mentality. Mahrukh has worked as a Quality Assurance specialist in a prestigious institution, where she discovered her interest in recruitment and resolved to make a significant influence in the field. She approaches every search with the analytical rigor, problem-solving skills, and strategic vision that her degree gave her. For Mahrukh, the key to a successful recruitment process is establishing trusting relationships with both clients and prospects.

    Mahrukh's varied experiences and perspectives make her an asset in the recruitment industry. She loves connecting employers with top talent and job seekers with their ideal positions. Mahrukh's zeal and hard work make her an asset to Antal International.

  • Mohammad Ibraheem
    Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Mohammad Ibraheem
    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Ibraheem a talent acquisition specialist, with a demonstrated history of experience in supporting the recruitment needs of clients of different sectors like Information Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, E-commerce and FMCG for mid to senior level roles. He works closely with clients, understands their requirements to drive recruiting efforts to increase the pipeline & hiring of diverse candidates. His passion for building strong relationships with both clients and candidates emphasizes delivering tailored services and top-quality outcomes. 

    Ibraheem specializes in sourcing, selection, behavioral interviewing, and relationship management, leveraging his industry knowledge to identify exceptional candidates within diverse sectors. He has closed many critical leadership roles in Information Technology, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing, ecommerce and FMCG industries.

    Always striving to bring 100% to the work he does, and his goal as a recruiter is to build strong, long-term and good relationships with candidates and clients alike. He stays ahead of the curve by maintaining a strategic and innovative approach towards recruitment by keeping himself updated with current trends and developments.

  • Salva Khan
    Executive Talent Discovery Lead
  • Salva Khan
    Executive Talent Discovery Lead

    Salva is a recruitment professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. A business graduate who has worked with clients in the Middle East across various industries at different levels and is particularly skilled in filling senior-level confidential roles for clients with high expectations.

    Salva's approach to recruitment is based on building strong relationships with her clients, understanding their unique needs and requirements, and developing customized recruitment strategies that align with their specific goals. She is committed to providing exceptional service and support throughout the recruitment process, and takes pride in her ability to identify the most suitable candidates for each role.  

    In addition to her expertise in recruitment, Salva is also a skilled business partner who has a deep understanding of the business landscape. She is able to provide valuable insights and advice to her clients, helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise in today's fast-paced business environment.


  • Sabina Malik
    Senior Associate
  • Sabina Malik
    Senior Associate

    Sabina is a Senior Associate with more than 2.5 years of experience in Executive Search. She specializes in Executive Search for various different industries and has successfully completed numerous searches for clients. Sabina is dedicated to making a positive difference in the recruitment industry and strives to exceed client expectations.

    She completed her master’s degree in Business Administration with a scholarship from one of the business schools in Pakistan. During her time in university, Sabina developed a passion for recruitment and has been determined to make a meaningful impact in the industry. Her education has equipped her with a strong foundation in critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic planning, which she applies to every search she undertakes.

    As a professional, Sabina is committed to delivering the highest level of service to her clients. She believes in building strong relationships and providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Above all, she is passionate about her work and takes pride in helping clients find the best talent for their organization.

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