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Antal's 30th Lookback: COO interview on conference highlights and future goals.

By Antal International

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since the entire Antal International Group gathered in the incredible setting of Zanzibar to celebrate our 30th anniversary. The picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and the collaborative spirit of our top teams made it a truly unforgettable experience.


Reflecting on the past year, we've achieved remarkable milestones and overcome challenges together. So to remember that special event, here's an exclusive interview recapping the conference with Antal International Group COO Sagar Ruparelia. 




  • The conference was a significant event for the Antal Group. Can you share your thoughts on what you aimed to achieve with this gathering?


Sagar: The 2023 conference served as a milestone for us, marking the 30th anniversary of Antal. Our primary goal was to celebrate not just the history but also the future of our organisation. We wanted to bring everyone together, from HQ to our teams in key markets overseas, to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose. And what a success, we had people from 28 different countries all together in 1 location -the first time post-COVID – everyone appreciated getting together. 


  • It sounds like it was more than just a celebration. Were there specific objectives or outcomes you were hoping to achieve?


Sagar: Definitely. Beyond the celebration, we wanted to leverage the collective energy and commitment of our teams to set the stage for the next phase of Antal's journey. Our goal is to grow all our existing locations ( UK, Europe, CEE, MENA, India, Central Asia & Africa) by “Discovering Talent” in our key Specialisations. And for that, we aligned everyone with our strategic vision, encourage collaboration, and ignite a renewed passion for excellence. 


  • That's ambitious. Can you share some highlights or key moments from the conference that stood out to you?


Sagar: One standout moment was witnessing the enthusiasm and engagement during our collaborative sessions. The diverse ideas and perspectives brought to the table reinforced the strength of our organisation. Additionally, the Zanzibar setting provided the perfect backdrop for meaningful conversations and relationship-building.


  • Speaking of collaboration, how did you see the outcomes of the conference influencing the strategic and operational aspects of Antal?


Sagar: The conference laid the groundwork for improved collaboration and communication, which are integral to our growth and success. By aligning our teams and reinforcing a shared vision, we noticed increased efficiency and innovative strategies that positively impacted our performance in the long run.


  • Reflecting on the past year, what initiatives emerged as a result of the conference?


Sagar: Building on the conference's momentum, we were focusing on translating the energy and ideas generated into actionable plans. We saw enhanced collaboration across different teams and countries, strategic partnerships, and the growth of our company with new offices opened in 7 countries. We are now strongly focusing on the growth of the MENA region.


  •  I suppose the burning question on everyone's mind is what comes next and where the next Antal conference will take place. Can you provide any hints for us?


Sagar: I want it to be a total surprise, so no hints! The big reveal is happening in just a few weeks, so stay tuned for the exciting news!



Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting initiatives coming your way. 

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