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Benefiting from skills-based hiring in 2024 as a candidate!

By Antal International

One of the significant changes that will gain in importance in 2024 is the move towards skills-based hiring. Unlike traditional approaches that prioritize qualifications and experience, this strategy focuses on assessing a candidate's skills first and foremost. This paradigm shift not only revolutionizes the hiring process, but also aligns with the growing emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.


The evolution of job descriptions:

Traditional methods of elaborating job offers have been abandoned, marking the beginning of a new era in which specific qualifications are considered preferable rather than mandatory. This evolution not only opens doors for people without a university education, but also enables career transitions in a variety of sectors. With the right set of skills, candidates can now explore opportunities beyond their traditional qualifications, making the job market more accessible and inclusive. candidates should always keep an open mind, exploring different things, and even considering shifts across industries.


The growing importance of transferable skills

In 2024, it's your skills that will take center stage, overshadowing your former employers' pedigree on your CV. This is a major victory for DEI, and helps create a more dynamic and diverse talent pool. Companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of focusing on the skills needed for long-term strategic alignment. This includes recruiting interims to enhance team skills, allowing companies to experiment with new functions before committing to permanent positions. As a candidate, you can easily take advantage of these strategies by proving that, whatever your background, you "get the job done".


What will the skills landscape look like?

The skills landscape in 2024 is diverse, encompassing both technical and leadership skills. Job offers and internal opportunities will emphasize the importance of technical skills with leadership skills remainaining a central focus.

Always ighlight your skills first by sharing concrete examples that demonstrate the application of the main competencies highlighted for each job description.

Include action verbs in your CV to convey a sense of dynamism and achievement, highlighting your ability to produce tangible results.


Skills most in demand in 2024 :


  • Coding:
  • Data analysis:
  • Digital marketing:
  • Cybersecurity:
  • Project management:
  • AI and ML:
  • Business development:


In conclusion, taking advantage of competency-based hiring strategies requires proactive adaptation. You'll need to position and align yourself with the most sought-after skills, especially those that are transferable. Maintain an open-minded approach by exploring different avenues, and be open to industry shifts. In every interview, your number one priority should be to prove that you can get the job done.

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