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Candidates WANT MORE!

By Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Candidates WANT MORE! 


In this article, we explore the challenges to attract talent into your company as the “Great Resignation” rumbles on. 

Feedback from our recruitment teams is that we are still bang in the middle of the pandemic-era phenomenon known as the “Great Resignation”.   

Statistics from across the globe support this position, with nearly 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January 2022 (U.S. Department of Labor) and with 15 million+ open jobs on LinkedIn (Source), Last updated: 15/04/22.   

People are on the move and the impact on the labour market and recruitment process is significant.  We are working closely with our clients to ensure they are aware of the changes they need to make in their recruitment strategies to counteract this.   

People had the chance to stop, reflect and rethink what they wanted from their career and companies.  There was a conscious ‘awakening’ and now people now look for companies which are more aligned with their personal goals and that offer them progression, autonomy, and flexibility.  Candidates are now in a position to shop around for the best offer.  However, you will be relieved to hear, it is not all about the financial package, although that certainly can help.  Here are 3 points to consider: 


1.      Do you offer flexibility? Candidates now strive for equilibrium and a balance between work and home life.  They do not mind working hard as long as they are working smart.  It was proven in the lock down that companies could accommodate and operate with remote workers.  If a company is not open to this working style, they will be less attractive.   


2.      Do you offer more?  Candidates are looking for more than just a job.  What are the career progression prospects? Is your company one which has a conscious to give something back?  A company which is active in the community or operates as a green company with an appreciation for the environment will stand out from other companies. 


3.      Do you have a strong culture?  Many companies talk about having a strong culture and moral compass but this needs to be evident.  Is this message been conveyed your online social media Prescence and coverage.  If you say you have an open, fun office environment – is this true?  Evidence of this needs to be available for the candidate so they can see and feel the culture for themselves.    


We have found that many companies are not ready to adapt to such demands from candidates, they are used to be the ones setting out the terms.  We work closely with our clients on modelling packages which are fair and reasonable, that can benefit their entire workforce and improve their retention ratios.   

Reach out to our recruitment teams, they would be happy to assist you with your recruitment plans for 2022 and beyond.   

For more information on this topic: 

Written by: 

Ashleigh Fitzgerald, Operations Director, Antal International Network in collaboration with

Jyoti Puranik Joshil, Team Leader, Antal International India, Pune office




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