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Client Advice

Employee Perks: Beyond Salary to Attract Top Talent

By Antal International

In the competitive job market of today, it's not just the salary that makes potential employees excited about working for your company. In this blog, we'll explore the diverse range of employee perks that go beyond the traditional paycheck. 

A sense of purpose, meaningful work, a company's reputation, ethical practices, and growth opportunities are becoming increasingly significant factors for candidates. 

Moreover, as younger generations and recent graduates enter the workforce, learning and development opportunities are being valued above all. 

1. Learning and Development Budgets:

Today's workforce highly values continuous learning and growth opportunities. Providing employees with a dedicated Learning and Development (L&D) budget can be a game-changer and attract the best talent in the market. It also empowers them to acquire new skills and become an even more valuable asset to your company while helping companies retain them. Lastly, this enhances employees' perception of their career growth within an organization keeping them engaged and committed to the company's long-term vision.

2. Mental Health Days:

Mental Health isn't just about talking or posting on social media about it during mental health awareness week. Mental Health is about action. There are more and more professionals who emphasize the importance of mental health and prioritize this in their career choices. Therefore, companies showcasing their mental health benefits have a competitive advantage in the market. For instance, ITV recognizes the importance of mental health by allowing employees to take mental health days off.

3. Flexible Work Arrangements:

Work-life balance is crucial. Providing flexibility in work hours, remote work options, or compressed workweeks can significantly enhance the quality of life for employees. Employers who demonstrate flexibility can also assist employees in effectively managing their schedules, especially when they need to undergo health assessments or have family commitments.

4. Health and Wellness Benefits:

Many employees today seek wellness perks like gym memberships and on-site fitness facilities. Employers could offer these benefits to promote physical well-being and build a sense of camaraderie among employees who can exercise together. Additionally, they might arrange frequent fitness challenges and wellness workshops to foster a holistic culture of wellness. This approach not only attracts health-conscious talent but also retains the current workforce, underscoring how thoughtful perks can positively impact both physical well-being and overall job satisfaction.

5. Commuting Perks:

Encouraging eco-friendly commuting can benefit both employees and the environment. Subsidies for public transportation or bike discounts, as mentioned, can motivate employees to choose sustainable options.

7. Recognition and Rewards Programs:

Acknowledging and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication through formal recognition programs. This might take the form of a team social gathering, a voucher for a one-of-a-kind experience, or a shopping voucher, boosting morale and motivation.

6. Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces:

Creating an inclusive and diverse work environment that values differences can be an appealing perk for many employees who want to be part of a progressive and forward-thinking organization.

Companies that recognize this and adapt to the changing preferences of the workforce will not only attract the best talent but also foster a motivated and engaged team. So, if you're looking to build a winning team, consider going beyond the paycheck and exploring the myriad of enticing employee perks available.



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