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How to bounce back from being laid off?

By Antal International

How to bounce back from being laid off?

As a potential recession looms, many companies have been left with no choice but to lay off some of their employees. This resulted in a high number of unemployed professionals struggling to manage their finance and their mental health. It’s normal for anyone to feel a sense of loss after losing their job, however, it is crucial to remember that this is only a temporary setback! To support applicants in their job-hunting journey, we have highlighted the main steps to take when looking for a new job.

Stay Positive

The economic state of the world has resulted in an extremely competitive job market. However, this does not mean that you should allow yourself to become discouraged. Create a list of your accomplishments to help you highlight your successes and skills to settle any thoughts of self-doubt.

If you think there is still room for improvement, make sure you complete a training to further your skills. This will also make your CV stand out in the job market.

Update your resume

Your CV needs to be impressive enough to pass the initial quick scan from human and digital recruiters. Make sure that you are tailoring your CV to each job listing that you are applying for by adding related keywords and descriptions of your past experience. 

Also, did you know some organizations use robots to select the "best" resumes? Don't let it remove yours from the candidates' list. You can learn more about this topic in this blog: Pros and Cons of the Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment industry.

Create a job-searching schedule

Looking for a job is a full-time job. Therefore, it is essential that you manage your time properly to avoid job-search burnout. The best way to job-hunt efficiently is to approach your day with a routine that allows you to maximize your time, for example creating a schedule to apply for jobs from 11-4 pm.

Also, remember to take breaks and detach from this process. It can get very overwhelming, especially if you've been rejected by many companies. It is crucial to take breaks and recharge your batteries and enthusiasm. Just have a walk in nature, invite your friends over, or just start a yoga challenge.

Talk to recruiters

Networking is an essential part of the job searching process. You can do this by reaching out to recruiters and asking for advice. Liaising with recruiters can be extremely beneficial because it provides you with an insight into the organizational culture and what the hiring manager is looking for.

If you want to get in touch with an Antal International recruiter, you can go to the search office, select the ideal location for your job, and find the consultants' team at the bottom of the page. You can get in touch with them - they will guide you through the whole process and be next to you until you're placed in a position successfully.

Prepare for the interview

So you have managed to get an interview! But what comes next? Most of your interview preparation will depend on the company/ industry that you are interviewing for, therefore it is important to research the company and learn everything you can about the position you are applying for. Be honest about being laid off from your former company and show that you are taking this as an opportunity to progress your skill set and discover new knowledge.

We know it’s tough being made redundant but it is important to not lose your self-confidence. Allow yourself some time to absorb what has happened and move forward in a positive manner – a greater opportunity is on the way!

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