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How to write a good CV in 2023

By Antal International

According to HR News, 54% of professionals are looking for a new job. With the cost-of-living crisis, many professionals are either asking for a pay rise at their current company or looking for a new job while others even consider a career change.

There are many tips and tricks for writing a good CV. However, in 2022, there are new writing practices worth mentioning that will make your resume stand out from others.


Avoid writing tasks, show your achievements

Stop listing your tasks from previous work experiences. Instead, highlight the positive impact you had on the organization. Also, candidates need to mention numbers that demonstrate their good performance. 

Whether you exceeded your targets or improved efficiency through new procedures, make sure you start by saying what you accomplished, what skills you used, and what actions you took to achieve impressive results in your workplace. P.S. When highlighting your work experience, highlight the key actions that show your professionalism and how you added value as an employee to the company.


Nail the robot

Did you know that big organizations use a robotic system to make the first selection? Well, that's true. Sometimes it's not a human checking your experience and your suitability for a role - it's a robot. Do you know what the robot is looking for? Well, it looks for keywords. So, make sure you use keywords that match the job description. It may be worth checking the company's website to find out the organization's values and highlight some of those values in your resume.


Less is more

Don't write a long resume with details about experience and skills irrelevant to the job. Applicants need to understand what the company is looking for, what skills and experience they expect from the next employee. Some organizations even want to see if the candidate profile align with the company's values - "do you fit in?" Once you understand these aspects, you can apply for a job. You need to show the employer how your profile fits the candidate profile they are looking for!


LinkedIn profile

Did you know that 84% of companies use social media to find candidates? Many job applications ask for a LinkedIn profile link, so it's worth setting one up. You can add your work experience, volunteering experience, skills, and reach out to your network for career opportunities. LinkedIn is an amazing career hub where you can create your candidate profile, showcase your experience and skills. It's also a good platform to connect with potential employers and reach them about directly about career opportunities.


Short CV checklist

  • update your details: address, phone number, email address,

  • use a readable font and a clear CV structure,

  • Check grammar and spellings - ask a friend or work colleague to check,

  • use bullet points to highlight your experience and achievements.


I hope these CV tips and tricks will help you get the job you want!

For a CV writing guide, tips, or free consultation, check out Antal International partners with TOP CV to help candidates get the job they want. The widget will highlight your top skills and experience that match a job description.

Also, you may not be sure about the format of the CV. If you're struggling with the CV structure, we've got a solution for you. Antal recruiters are here to helpRegister on our website and one of our consultants will get in touch to help you with the professional structure of your resume!


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