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Navigating the Cybersecurity Talent Labyrinth: Are the Experts Truly Elusive?


A Deep Dive into the UK Cybersecurity Labour Market

In the thrilling world of cybersecurity, the hunt for skilled professionals often feels like navigating a labyrinth, with the prize—an expert—seeming increasingly elusive. But, is it really so? Let's embark on this journey to decode the cybersecurity talent puzzle.


The Paradox of Plenty

The UK cybersecurity labour market is booming, but paradoxically, the talent seems to be in short supply. According to the latest Ipsos report, a striking 51% of UK businesses (approximately 697,000) face a basic cybersecurity skills gap. What's more alarming is that 33% (around 451,000 businesses) grapple with advanced cybersecurity skills gaps.


The Silent Alarm: Incident Response Skills

Over the past few years, there's been an insidious increase in businesses lacking incident management skills—from 27% in 2020 to 37% now. The majority of these businesses don't have this critical aspect of cybersecurity resourced externally. This silent alarm should not go unnoticed as timely incident response is crucial in mitigating cyber threats.


The Cyber Sector's Own Achilles Heel

Interestingly, the cybersecurity sector isn't immune to this skills gap. Approximately 49% of cyber firms struggle with technical cybersecurity skills gaps among their existing staff or job applicants. This issue isn't merely a bump on the road—19% of these firms say these skills gaps have significantly hampered their business goals.


The Supply-Demand Chasm: A Growing Concern

The demand for cybersecurity professionals has surged by a staggering 58% from 2020, with an average of 4,400 core cybersecurity job postings each month in 2021. Despite an estimated influx of 7,500 new entrants into the cybersecurity labour market annually, there's an estimated exodus of 4,600 professionals each year. This supply-demand chasm has resulted in an alarming annual shortfall of approximately 14,100 cybersecurity personnel.


The Role of Recruitment Specialists

Now more than ever, organisations need strategic recruitment partnerships to navigate this labyrinthine talent market. At Careers Matter, we're committed to helping businesses and service providers fortify their cybersecurity capabilities with the right talent.

We understand the unique nuances and demands of the cybersecurity industry. Our extensive network and deep market knowledge enable us to connect businesses with skilled professionals who can not only fill the present gaps but also drive the organisation's cybersecurity strategy forward.

Interested in finding out more about how we can help address your cybersecurity recruitment needs? Schedule a 15-minute introductory Zoom meeting with us today. Together, let's turn the cybersecurity talent puzzle into a picture of success.




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