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Client Advice

Recruitment for a Vice President and his Palace

By Daniel Esplen

Did you know we offer Un Paralleled Bespoke Luxury Service not only to hotels but to palaces, presidents and royalty?


 A five-star approach to recruitment, not unlike the service you get from the so called “black credit cards”

Recently we were approached to source two Chefs for a permeant placement at a palace for an exclusive client who is a Vice President for a country.

The clients brief was one line long very short and to the point which is not usual when dealing with elite clients. The brief was very specific in nature on the type of chefs required and backgrounds. (Five Star Hotel and Michelin Star Restaurants), there was a high degree of urgency to fill the rolls but the client would not want second best.

To ensure we exceeded our client’s expectations and deliver the level of service required, the managing partner Salvatore Fernandez had frequent calls with Ambassadors office to ensure communication, information and updates flowed.

I was in daily contact with the head of the embassy who was handling this project with me.


Firstly, in order to understand their needs fully I prepared am extensive of questions to ensure we could deliver on the expectations of the clients, this was reviewed with the head of the embassy so we could complete a detailed profile of the Chefs required allowing us to create an ideal profile for the candidate search.

Next the very detailed search started, as the clients requirements where very specific in type of cuisines, presentations, languages spoken experience etc..

Through our extensive network across the globe we started to research possible candidates, the task was made more complicated due to the level of confidentiality as initially we could not reveal who and where the client is.


Initial conversations were held with multiple candidates, to measure suitability, fit, skills, experience etc.. against our clients’ needs. If  a possible fit for both parties was found, a confidentiality agreement was reached and further interview scheduled where the candidates were tested on their culinary knowledge and skills , a deeper dive into their past experiences good and bad, personality was reviewed along with a host of other questions and conversation. This task was made more difficult as this was all conducted via Video due to Covid-19 and the location of some of the candidates.

Once a shortlist was drawn up, each candidate needed to supply three references that I contacted and spoke to vet what they hold told me and verify suitability.


After the references were completed the shortlist was provided to the Embassy for review which included a detailed dossier on each candidate detailing each candidates profile, resume, food pictures, achievements and references.

Once the Ambassador approved the candidates, they were forwarded for further approval by the office of the Vice President.


The selected candidates then were to report to the Embassy for a interview, prior to the their interviews I prepped them fully for the interview on possible questions, how to present themselves, how to sell their profile, what questions to ask, what questions they might be asked etc. Our service didn’t stop there we ensured the candidates transportation was organized and every detail of the process communicated to the candidates and the Embassy, leading to flawless experience.


After the successful interview of the candidates, I was advised of the successful two, we then assisted in the creation and collection of the letter of intent and the collection of documentation for visa’s etc.. and of course, speaking to the unsuccessful candidates.


We are still in contact with the client and candidates to ensure they arrive to the country safely and both parties are happy, our service will include several follow up with both the client and candidates.


The key to the success of this project

Gaining a deep understanding of the clients needs.

The upfaulting attention to detail.

Determination to find the very best candidates, and not settle.

Clear communication (even though this was often across several languages).

Availability for the client or representatives to contact us at anytime.

Un-constricted assistance to the client and candidates.

Going above and beyond to make sure both (client and candidate) were looked after.



It has come to our attention that clients and candidates are being contacted by individuals fraudulently posing as Antal representatives.  If you receive a suspicious message (by email or WhatsApp), please do not click on any links or attachments.  We never ask for credit card or bank details to purchase materials, and we do not charge fees to jobseekers.