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Client Advice

The art of 'strike while the iron's hot' in the hiring industry

By Antal International

The recruitment industry, being so fast-driven, has many roadblocks when it comes to hiring. Picture this: an IoT start-up meticulously reviews profiles, identifies a promising candidate, and arrives at the brink of extending an offer, only to hit pause. The only reason they put the brakes on hiring this candidate is they want to explore more options and requests to keep the candidate ‘Warm’. But herein lies the crux - would an active candidate, brimming with potential, be inclined to wait around indefinitely?

Decoding this ‘warm’ situation

Does the candidate experience thrive amidst prolonged waiting periods? The answer, regrettably, is often no. Active candidates, especially those sought after by competitive markets, harbor expectations of swift, decisive actions. Each passing moment spent in limbo risks the candidate exploring other avenues, diminishing the likelihood of securing a top talent.

The rocket-science of efficient hiring?

The crux lies in optimizing the candidate experience. Promptness in decision-making is the key to a positive candidate journey. It's not merely about filling a position but fostering a seamless and respectful process for both parties involved. Delays in extending an offer could lead to disengagement, potentially driving them towards more agile opportunities.

Some advice to the hiring managers

If a candidate ticks all the boxes and exudes the qualities sought after, swoop in. Expedite the process and extend the offer. Embrace the ethos of agile hiring, for in today's landscape, time is of the essence. This paradigm shift in approach not only streamlines the hiring process but also underscores the value placed on the candidate's time and aspirations. It showcases a company's agility, decisiveness, and respect for the candidate's journey.

What’s the takeaway here?

In conclusion, the candidate experience extends beyond mere interactions; it's a testament to an organization's commitment to efficiency and respect. Embracing timely decisions not only secures top talent but fortifies the employer brand, establishing a reputation for valuing candidates' time and expertise. Now that you know how to swiftly hire the best talent, read a bit about how you could retain them as well!

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