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Candidate Advice

The state of the job market in 2024: Trends to watch

By Antal International

As we head into 2024, candidates need to understand how the job market is changing. This concise guide outlines the trends that are shaping the hiring landscape.

Virtual interviews:

Virtual interviews are the norm; fine-tune your digital presence. With 57% of hiring managers creating new roles, confidence in virtual environments is crucial.


Soft skills and diversity:

Showcase your soft skills and commitment to diversity. With 75% of recruiters prioritising diversity, highlight your positive contribution to workplace culture.


AI in the recruitment process:

AI in recruitment is on the rise. According to a study by MIT Sloan, using AI to improve CVs increases the hiring rate by 8%, the number of job offers by 7.8% and salaries by 8.4%.


Early career recruitment:

Companies are shifting their focus in early career recruitment, emphasising potential and transferable skills rather than strict academic criteria. Consider boot camps, apprenticeships and in-house certification programmes as alternatives to traditional education.


As a candidate in 2024 you will need to master virtual interviews, emphasise soft skills, adapt to AI and embrace automation. As the demand for talent acquisition professionals increases, agility will be your main asset to landing your dream job in a dynamic job market.


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