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Unlocking Success: Strategic Hiring Insights for GCC Growth in India

By Antal International

GCCs in a setting up or in a growth phase work on committed timelines for ensuring its operations delivery to the global organization. Every phase is expected to deliver with clock work precision. One of the complex pieces of this is getting the hiring right.

According to the Future of GCCs in India—Vision 2030, a study by EY, the cost per FTE has increased by 27% from the year 2019 to 2023. It’s expected to rise by 30% till 2030, and reach the levels of $37,760 per FTE. 85% of this cost is salaries. It is no wonder that getting the hiring right is not just important from a cost advantage perspective, but also from a long term sustainability of the GCC.

Given its importance, how can the GCC mitigate the many challenges in hiring the right talent mix? How can it attract the best talent available in the market and not hire out of desperation? How can it ensure that D&I parameters are followed with an organisational commitment, not just as a lip service?

Having helped GCCs hire the best talent across start up and scale up stages, we believe that every actor in the hiring landscape must know two answers:



Though most GCCs are established for similar sounding reasons, it is important to identify what are the executive leadership’s specific why for setting up the GCC. Considering that significant cost investments need to be made, executive sponsorship of this idea is extremely vital.


Execution is the key 

Strategic clarity may not always translate into execution directives. Answers to these questions are not only vital for sustainable growth and value justification of a GCC, but also to get the entire conversation on talent right:


  1. What value will the GCC deliver?

  2. How will it be empowered?

  3. What decisions can be taken by the local leadership in full autonomy?

  4. How will the performance of the GCC be measured?

  5. What will be the growth drives for the center?

  6. What budgets and resources will be made available?

  7. How will the center be equipped with the right talent?


And when we say every actor, we mean everyone from the Executive Leadership to the HR hierarchy and the recruitment partners- all of them must have this visibility. This helps with getting the nuts and bolts of hiring right. This clarity ensures that what is presented in the HQ boardrooms becomes a reality on the ground as well.

If you are looking to start or scale up your GCC presence in India and are looking to partner with a strategic talent partner, Antal is here to help. Having supported 15+ GCCs in their business-critical hiring needs across technology and support functions, #ThinkGCCThinkAntal.

To know more about our capabilities, contact [email protected]; [email protected] and learn how we can support your GCC aspirations for India.


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