Hamburg - Luneburg, Germany

Hamburg - Luneburg, Germany
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Welcome to the Antal-Office Hamburg-Lüneburg,

Our focus and passion is to place Marketing Leaders in a way that is beneficial for all participants.

Located near Hamburg, geographically and mentality-wise, we set our focus on business units in northern Germany. For search projects in other regions we collaborate with the other Antal-Offices.

As an executive with nearly 30 years of professional experience in different worldwide positions within Procter&Gamble I got to know marketing especially for FMCG in any possible business case and with increasing responsibility. Because of these experiences I know exactly how important the fit between an employee and the vacant position is for all involved. If you have further questions regarding my background please feel free to look at my CV or to call me.

For our work with clients we have some basic rules which we think are so important that we would like to mention them here:

First we are looking for an open and trustful handling in our relationship to you. Therefor I use my experience to draw up the best suitable job description, evaluate possible candidates by their skills and experiences and because of that just present fitting candidates to the searching organization. We inform our candidates always about the latest news of their application and try to advise them especially on the point of their individual skills and fit to the job description.

Moreover we are working confidentially with our clients.

Finally, after a successful recruitment, we remain available for you and try to support you for a smooth start.

In case of interest or questions please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to get an E-Mail or a Call. In case of E-Mail please put at least one of my assistants in copy because we are working as a team and don´t want to risk a loss of any of your information.

We specialise in:


Household & consumer goods

The Antal-Office Hamburg/Lüneburg is led by Ute Hagen.

Ute Hagen had worked over 23 years in international marketing and was responsible for different positions with rising responsibility regarding budget and personnel for the global FMCG Leader Procter&Gamble. In this time she led several brands like Always, Ariel, Tampax or Pampers. For this she lived and worked in foreign countries like USA or Switzerland for a couple of years. At the end of her career within Procter&Gamble she led the Best-Practice-Team to develop and implement concern-wide strategies for a best possible consumer/customer focus.

During her career Ute developed a special passion for the active development of her employees. As a consequence she decided to join the international network of Antal when she started her independence after leaving Procter&Gamble. She works on placing Marketing Leaders in new positions with focus on the field of FMCG. A special focus for her is to find the right person for the right position so that a mutually successful cooperation can develop.

Ute Hagen
+49 413 2939 6787
Anja Haufe
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Lehmberg 20 21385 Amelinghausen Hamburg Germany