Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Antal International Porto was launched in the spring of 2016 and is headed by Professionals with international careers, experience in different type of organizations in senior roles in North America and Europe as well as entrepreneurial experience in new business ventures. Having experienced building teams and organizations in a multinational and multicultural environment gives the elements of Antal International Porto office a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges of recruitment for key positions in their client’s organizations.

The team is prepared to deal with large organizations in filling key positions, large assignments for new projects, such as hotel opening teams, or smaller size organizations with jobs to fill that require very specific profiles. We always understand the importance of linking human talent with goals and performance for successful and ambitious organizations.

Antal international Porto focusses on international markets in specific sectors, where its team members have extended experience, contacts and knowledge of business challenges, needs and concerns of companies in filling new positions. They are preserving the highest standards of service.

Key sectors are Building, Construction and Hospitality, where the competencies and talent of professionals have a determinant and direct impact on business results, making the Quality of Human Talent a strategic advantage.)



Building & Construction:

Building services, property management, Planning and Design, Surveying and project management



Energy & Environment

Cleantech & Renewable energy




Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and industrial



Hospitality, Travel and Leisure

General Managers and functional Directors

Paulo Nogueira (Managing Partner)

Paulo started his professional career in 1987 as a project manager for a large industrial and real estate group active in multisector from services to shopping malls and tourism development. For several years, he was involved in the management of projects of panel board factories, environmental projects, shopping malls, hotels and resorts in Europe.

Paulo also managed a building products division of a major wood products manufacturer with responsibilities from product development to distribution and sales.

He took the challenge to move to North America, Canada and then the United States of America, to establish a new business in these markets. Paulo transitioned after a few years to start a new business in North and Central America for another European headquarter company in the ecological building and design products.

Returning to Europe after more than a decade working and living near Washington DC , Paulo started a new composites company, that earned him an entrepreneurship award from the Association of MBA´s (London, 2104). He also managed several companies related to the furniture, FF&E, project management of Hotels interior design.

Paulo has a Civil Engineer degree and an MBA. He also has certifications in SSBB, PE and LEED.

Susan Berida (Managing Partner)

Susan, was born in Asia but early moved to the US, lived and worked in the NYC area, gaining experience and contacts in the insurance, finance, and then Hospitality and tourism.

She work in different sectors within operations and finance control in the Hotel industry, as well as in the financial sector for local and multinational companies.

After moving to Portugal and working for some time in finance management of a small business, she found that Antal International has the right opportunity to start a new business venture with an established organization, using her international experience as an added value to the recruitment sector, patiently and persistently building value for its customers.

Susan has a Degree in tourism and Hotel Management, courses in IT and business control and a Post-Graduation in Hotel and Tourism Management.

Paulo Nogueira
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