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Valentine! – Do you Love your job?

By Liz Dillon

As we approach Valentine’s day on Sunday 14th February, I think it’s probably a great time to reflect not just on those close to us that we love but on the other big relationship in our life – Our work!!!

There are some clear indicators that we love our work:

  • You are happy to see Monday morning
  • Time flies by
  • You do not feel the need to complain
  • Your colleagues and superiors are your partners
  • You feel fulfilled and values, that you are doing something worthwhile
  • You are exciting and animated to talk about what you do
  • You find yourself interested in things that are not your responsibility, looking wider than your role to contribute further.
  • You are tired at the end of the day but can not wait for the next week.
  • You constantly try to do better
  • You do not have a lot of free time but do not mind
  • Lunch time arrives in a blink
  • You are inspired by those around you
  • You talk about your role.

Do any of the above ring true to you? Are you excited about what you do an cannot wait to get stuck in daily?

I work with professionals daily in supporting them to achieve their professional aspirations, the next step of their career. If you feel that none of the above is a reflection on how you feel about your job then maybe it’s a time to reflect on how you can make a change. Whilst we all need to pay bills and earn enough to live and accommodate our lifestyles I can say with conviction after being in recruitment for over 15 years that Job satisfaction is actually more important and has the greatest impact on our lives.

Let’s take a moment on Sunday to take a look at weather or not we are “in Love” with what we do !