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Antal International partners with Top CV

By Antal International

Antal International partners with TOP CV

Creating a document that lists your life skills can be a challenging and time-consuming task. It may be helpful to start by brainstorming a list of your skills and experiences, and then organizing them into relevant categories. This can help you identify any gaps or areas for improvement, and provide a starting point for writing down your life skills in a clear and concise manner.

According to HR News, 54% of professionals are looking for a new job. The job search can be overwhelming, but with the right assistance in writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and negotiating job offers, applicants can get the job they want.

There are many tips and tricks on the Internet for writing a good resume. However, the career advice articles don't tailor the tips to applicants' needs, job requirements, and company culture. 

We have great news for you! Antal International works with Top CV to advise you on how to apply, help you write resumes, and put you in touch with employers if the job description fits your profile.

Match the candidate profile

When you visit and apply for a job, you will see a button that offers a FREE CV consultation before you apply for the job.

Top CV connects you with an experienced recruiter who helps you analyze job requirements and tailor the CV to the ideal candidate profile. Advice includes CV writing tips, job application guidance, job opening notifications, etc.

In addition, recruiters will help you assess the soft skills and hard skills you should emphasize in the document. They will highlight personal projects that show proactivity, professional achievements that show your motivation to go above and beyond, and even difficult situations and how you handled them.

Another important aspect that many applicants neglect is the company culture. Consultants will help you research the employer's values and incorporate them into your resume to show alignment with the company culture.

Top CV is here to help

Top CV is a resume-writing company that specializes in helping job seekers craft effective and professional resumes. The team consists of experienced recruiters with a deep understanding of what makes a resume stand out in today's competitive job market.

Top CV can help you craft a resume tailoired to the specific job you're applying for. Experienced recruiters will advise you on highlighting relevant soft and hard skills. Moreover, they will assist you in creating an organized and easy-to-read document.

The partnership will help applicants draft a resume that will match the employers' expectations of a potential employee and get them ahead in the application process.

In addition, TOP CV can help you avoid common resume pitfalls. They'll make sure your resume is free of typos and errors and help you avoid overused phrases and cliches that can turn off potential employers.


Top CV helps you

  • tailor candidates' resumes to the job description and requirements;
  • analyze the company values and culture so that the resume will reflect a profile fit;
  • stand out in the talent market with a professional CV;
  • better understand employers' expectations of applicants;
  • get the job you want!


Overall, Antal International's partnership with TOP CV is a valuable help in finding a new job. If you are struggling to create a strong resume, you should contact TOP CV through for free advice. With TOP CV's expertise and guidance, you can create a resume that will make you stand out in today's competitive job market.

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