5 things that drive good candidates away

Picture this… You have worked hard to find some great candidates for the important role you have in your organisation, they all match the specification and person fit and they have all attended first interview. The hiring manager likes them all but decides to invite three back in an effort to get to a hiring decision.

Two pull out (including the best fit) and you’re left with one!

Sound familiar?

Why would this happen?


The first thing to remember is that if you have approached these candidates who were passive about moving to start with then you must sell the opportunity to the candidate at the first interview stage. This may sound a little bit strange to you as why wouldn’t they want to work for your company in the first place as you have a great brand? The answer is quite simple, you approached them!

At the first interview stage make them feel special and wanted but let them know that should they progress then they would be expected to present to you at second interview as to why you should hire them.


Secondly, the lack of upfront preparation along with poor initial contact on the day of the interview sets a tone which can last. Make sure the receptionist is expecting your candidate on the day and have any inductions planned along with visitor badges. If you look slick and organised they will be impressed.


Thirdly, always make sure expectations are clearly laid out at the end of the interview, when will you be in touch with them to feedback? who will do that and outline when you expect second interviews to be should they be expected, this helps them pencil the date in their schedule avoiding time conflicts.


Fourthly, Have the interview prepared in terms of questions and who is asking them, your process should be smooth and organised, this makes the candidate feel comfortable and calm meaning they should perform at their best.

and finally…..


Don’t test them at stage one and don’t talk about salary expectations, keep focused on the job and the fit and leave the testing to the second stage when its far more appropriate and cost effective. The salary conversation needs to happen at qualification stage way before first interview and then again after stage one and two. Your recruitment consultant should do this for you.

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