Inspired employees are more productive

engagedInspired employees get meaning and inspiration from the company’s mission. They are inspired by the leaders and management of the company. They give their all to the employer, and are striving to do their best. Here are 4 different ways you can inspire your staff.

Promote the mission statement internally

Articulate and share the mission, purpose, and goals of your business with the people who work for you. This will give them a sense of belonging and a connection to the big picture. It is much more exciting to be sharing in a mission as opposed to just accomplishing an unrelated work task. A sense of contribution to the purpose and success of a business makes any job feel more important.

Empower your staff

Focus on the strengths and talents of each employee and developing who they truly are. When someone gets to do what they do best every day, work satisfaction will surely follow. And as the employee grows in the organization, look to continually encourage the development of their strengths with meaningful goals, challenges and advancements.


A managing style of instilling fear and negativity stifles productivity. If there is no feedback at all, employees become complacent. In contrast, countless studies have proven that people are far better motivated by the use of positive feedback. Rather than focusing on employees’ weaknesses, focus on their strengths, and praise them whenever praise is deserved.

Encourage ideas

Seek out the opinions and ideas of your workers with the goal of implementation; employees will feel truly valued as an integral part of shaping the success and future of your organization. Suggestion boxes, meetings and group discussions are a few ways in which employees can contribute their ideas, but they should be made to feel that their feedback is welcome at any time.