Top 3 criteria when looking for a new job

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My first step in the interviewing process is to talk the candidate out of the role we are  discussing! This possibly seems a bit crazy, but as a recruitment partner, my job is  not to just sending CVs over to clients who have the right skills match and personality  fit  but sending CVs over of the person that I am confident about. I need to be sure this candidate will accept the role if offered and stay to build a long term career with that company.

People have different criterias for looking for  a new career opportunity and as the market is becoming buoyant and in many areas  candidate led once again ( see the latest research on hiring and firing trends),  the top candidates have the luxury of picking  and choosing the role that can offer them their most important criterias and more. Talking about the critea, interestingly there is not always money.

Popular top 3 criteria  are  normally:

1. Career progression

This is a very common and vague expression. I always  investigate  deeper into this, do they mean to be come a team leader, to learn more skills or  to have a dedicated career path related to the job title.

2. Training

Candidates want to have a course of dedicated training to improve technical skills or achieve relevant professional accreditations.

3. Work – Life balance

flexibility on working hours and ability to work from home

I always ask a candidate what their top 3 motivators are and if my role can not offer at least 2 of them I know that particular opportunity is not going to be suitable for them and I explain why. Sometimes they are surprised at my honesty but also appreciative and confident that when I do have a suitable role it will be a good match for client and employer alike.

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