Wonder how to get promoted at work? Widen your focus.


Ever watch a young children play hide and seek? They’re not very good at it, often hiding only their head in a cupboard or closet because, in their minds, if they can’t see anyone else, no one can see them either. Their world view and awareness is limited by their perspective.

Ideally, as people grow, they become more and more aware of what’s around them, what others are doing and even how the things they themselves do affect others as well.

This is similar in many ways to what happens when someone begins working either for the first time or when they start a new role in a company. In the beginning, the new starters focus is limited to learning their role and responsibilities.

But as these duties become familiar and even routine, they can begin to be more aware of what’s happening around them and understand how their duties and responsibilities affect others, their department as a whole, and the company’s bottom line.

Surprisingly, some employees remain content to keep their focus narrow and are happy to remain where they are.

For those who are looking to receive promotions and advance their career however, they must widen their perspective progressively. Daily, we help our talented candidates by finding opportunities that may not be visible otherwise and even giving them a career they never could have imagined. We also help our clients by finding talent that is ready to look outward from their own duties and participate in projects and initiatives that advance teammates, improve departments, and can help lead a company to fulfill their future vison.

Perspective works both ways however. Changing one’s own perspective is part of the path to promotion. The other part is making sure others see you as ready for the next step — now. The simple fact is this; “if the leaders cannot imagine someone in the next level today, they will not get the promotion tomorrow.”

There are steps one can take to show they are ready for career progression. It starts with widening their own focus and looking for ways to show others they are ready for the next step now.

Stephen Rice
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