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Are you ready to reset?

By Antal International

Its only a matter of time before the world resets and hiring will kick start again. So where are you with hiring strategies in your company? Job seekers have now become used to flexible hours, working from home, wanting fewer working hours. Have employers taken into consideration what the new criteria for job characteristics would be? Who will be the right fit for your organization?

How many of you have revisited your job descriptions? What about your company’s interview culture, interview questions and guide? When did you last look at your interview assessment forms to ensure you have now criteria set to meet the new norms? 

For organizations to reset and be that change catalyst in the recruitment front, here are some insights that can be embraced.


1. Do you stand out to job seekers?

This has nothing to do with paying more as people are well acquainted with what the market offers in current times. Every job and experience have its unique value under any circumstances and this falls within the framework of competitive salaries in the market and how the organization is positioned in the industry. If someone is attracted to your organization only because you are paying more, then you are going to lose them to someone who is willing to pay better. What matters most these days is that it is no longer just the salary and benefits. It has everything to do with your company culture, how your company has made decisions and treated employees and candidates during these unprecedented times, how your company has recognized and rewarded talents within.


2. Are you visible in social media?

Many organizations are busy promoting their products and not the culture of their company or their initiatives with people. If half that excitement is infused into job ads to attract talent, or tools to hire the right talent, this might give you the right person for the right job. Have you considered incorporating digital specialization as a criteria for job characteristics within your HR team functionalities?


3. Are you communicating with your Job Seekers?

Organizations can approach recruiting with a reactive or proactive attitude, responding quickly to new job vacancies as they arise or have made an effort to take the time to build a pool of qualified candidates for a rainy day? Are you in touch with them and constantly cleaning up your talent bank to know if the talent pool is still interested or have done new things for different positions in your organization?


4. Do you make decisions quickly and take calculated risk?

Organizations must end the waiting game and communicate transparently with talents.  It is not rocket science to decide on whether a candidate you have interviewed is the right fit for the job especially if you really have the right tools in place for assessing a candidate. Stop procrastinating and dare to make that decision and take calculated risks with candidates who have a winning attitude. The rest is for you to mold into your organization.

So, are you ready to reset and make that offer that a candidate will not be able to refuse? Or are you just going to stare at the best talents walk away to other organizations?


This article was written by Nanthini Sathasivam

Nanthini is a well accomplished senior human resources professional for luxury 5 star hotels in corporate and property level roles.