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Client Advice

Changing times...The recruitment and labour market continues to evolve

By Ashleigh Fitzgerald

October 2021, we find ourselves bang in the middle of a candidate shortage / candidate led market.

Jobs are flooding the market.


What is the solution to this candidate led market / candidate shortage crisis?


With the increase in job offers, candidates’ commitment to the process has dropped off, candidates can simply cherry pick their next job, which may leave you and your client disappointed…. 

My observation is that these are perfect conditions for a savvy recruiter to flourish, we simply must raise our game. 

A solution to this crisis is for recruiters and clients wanting to secure those illusive candidates, to work closely together.  The closer, the better! 


Here are 3 practical ways in which we are actively working with our clients across Antal to alleviate some of the current frustrations:

1. Review and develop initiative and attractive onboarding packages / processes.  We understand the options here may be restricted by budgets, however some flexibility is needed.  We understand clients are limited in the financial packages, they can offer new recruits as they need to keep salaries within bands and comparable with existing staff.  It is not always possible simply give more money to new recruits and leave existing staff at the same level.  So, companies need to at least have strong staff orientated benefits for all and a clear onboarding program to ease new recruits into their jobs. 

2. Be attentive to the candidates, complete the recruitment process with speed and be forthcoming with feedback.  Time will be a killer for any potential hire – speed is a necessity! How many interviews are you conducting, can the lead time between these be reduced?

3. Share detailed information about the internal challenges and project opportunities.  Candidates are interested in more than just a job.  Decisions on which job to accept are often made on the challenges candidates get the opportunity to be involved in.  They need to know what value and difference their skills can bring to the business!  As recruiters we need to ask the right questions and understand the challenges the business faces so we can relay this to the candidate at the early stages to gain their interest and commitment. 


We appreciate that recruitment moves in cycles, many of us have worked in a candidate led market before.  We know we need to be inventive and think outside the box, working with our clients to source and attract those passive / inactive candidates. 

Recruitment today is not only about one advert on LinkedIn, but also so much more.  Fortunately, our teams are on hand to partner with clients who are open to working closely with us to source the right people for your business.  Contact us today and we would be happy to start the process with you. 

Written by Ashleigh Fitzgerald