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Antal News

Finger on the pulse…

By Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Sharing information across the globe, with a discipline focus, is how we roll at Antal.  Being discipline focused, allows us to diversify and cut across multiple sectors.  As an example, we offer accounting professionals to all and opposite sectors such as retail or agriculture.  This flexibility has ensured Antal remains nimble and able to adapt to changing demands from industry. 

To be aware of these subtle shifts in the markets, we monitor demand and share information from across the globe on regular discipline focus calls between our offices.  The news was so positive from our recent finance and accounting call we could not resist sharing this with you (both internally and externally).  

From the finance and accounting desk in Italy, we report of high proportion of clients returning to us from the aerospace and hospitality sectors – a good indicting of recovery of these markets after a very quiet 2020.  Sarah Carriere explained on the call that the roles in the hospitality space are not only in finance but are also now spreading into the HR function, signal that retaining talent is equally as important to our clients as sourcing it.   

Our Germany office has clients “screaming out” for finance and accounting staff in the retail sector and hospitality sector, boosted by the return to shopping and vacations.  Wolfgang Kiesewetter said the investment into the hotel industry did not stop during the pandemic, hotels construction was unaffected, hence the demand for staff.  

Our lead finance and accounting expert from our Russia team, Artyom Vasiliev agreed that there is an uptake in the finance roles in the hospitality space across the whole CIS with the increase in people preferring a stay vacation to international travel. 

News from Romania sees a growth in the demand for finance and accounting staff in the agricultural sector.  Irina Vaile said, “The international market has also opened to candidates working remotely, so the Romanian team is kept extremely busy supplying finance and accounting candidates to a wide range of clients across Europe. “

Meera Gadhia from one of our offices in Mumbai also reports positivity across many sectors, in particular there is a significant increase in the demand for finance and accounting staff in the IT / tech market.  She explained the IT / tech market was incredibly buoyant across all core functions.   

Another interesting trend - Many of our offices report feedback from internal recruiters, they are complaining – they have far less and lower quality responses to their direct adverts.  We at Antal are happy to step in and support, as we offer a quality volume recruitment solution with teams of recruiters ready to help source newly qualified and mid-senior level staff across all disciplines. 

Our Founder and Chairman, Anthony Goodwin says, “We have never seen this high demand for accountants, tech talent and across all disciplines and sectors since the boom in the late 80’s. This is a once in a generation opportunity to build our recruitment business. Hiring for Antal is the next most important objective to placing great candidates with great clients.”

Contact us via for more information or support.   


Writing by:                                  Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Contribution – with thanks to: Sarah Carriere, Italian office

                                                  Wolfgang Kiesewetter, Frankfurt office

                                                  Artyom Vasiliev, Russian office

                                                  Irina Vasile, Romanian office

                                                  Meera Gadhia, Mumbai office

                                                  Anthony Goodwin, Founder & Chairman