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Client Advice

New Times...

By Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Post the global pandemic we find ourselves in new times.

The labour market is different, we are different. 

No one has been unaffected, everyone has changed. 

We must adapt and have a new way of thinking to attract and recruit top talent.

We work closely with our clients to help them understand the shift in the mindset of the labour markets, across the globe.  It is not unique to any one country! 

There are 3 main factors which need to be considering in the new wave of labour shifts:

  1. Speed is essential – the recruitment process needs to be smooth, best-in class candidates need to be quickly found and engaged with ahead of competitors and decisions need to be made quickly. 
  2. Budgets need to flex – a lifestyle offer including a good mix of perks, gives a good candidate the motivation to move. 
  3. Work with experts – as timing is key, so working with recruiters who know the market, can present the right candidates and understand perfectly your need as a business partner, saves time. 

Anyone looking for staff needs to appreciate that the good people have no need to move, they are in stable jobs. 

They are going through the recovery phase, slowly enjoying a return to socialising and having more freedom of movement. 

This is their primary focus, not finding a new job and unsettling themselves professionally.  We see that candidates are more likely to be motivated to join a company that shares good values and culture, more so than pre-COVID.

By addressing the key points above, your company has at least a fighting chance to source the candidates you need today.  It is not going to be easy! 

Do not hesitate to contact our teams from the Antal Offices for more advice and assistance with your recruitment challenges.

Credit for the combined input on this blog from:

  • Michela Cremonesi - Manager S&M Division - Italy
  • Imo Etuk – Managing Partner – UK
  • Ashleigh Fitzgerald – Operations Director – Antal International Network
  • Anthony Goodwin – Founder & Chairman - Antal International
  • Uwe Weigand – Managing Partner – Germany
  • Peter Wharton – Managing Partner – Switzerland