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What Motivates Regulatory Professionals?

By David Crossley

Yes, after 22 years in recruitment I still believe it is critical to continue to strive for professional/personal improvement as well as be open to learning new things. As a result, I took the opportunity to attended a recent training session Antal’s HO had organised. The subject, MOTIVATION!

The training session was an interesting one which raised a number of thought-provoking notions. One such thought was ‘What actually does motivate ‘Regulatory’ professionals?’

In the training session it covered a study carried out by M.I.T and two other leading universities, this study found that there was a stark contract in motivators between manual and creative/problem solving tasks. They found money was a successful motivator when offered for manual tasks, however when money was offered for creative/problem solving tasks it actually caused the participants to perform worse.

They found that actually providing the individuals with the creative freedom to solve the problems gained the greater results.

Having been in the talent environment for 20+ years I understand and clearly acknowledge that people need to be financially rewarded for the work that they do. However, based on my extensive experience working with Regulatory professionals l would I suggest that this is not the leading motivator for them. Providing regulatory professionals with freedom as well as a sense of responsibility and achievement in meeting businesses needs that is the true day to day motivator and not just the potential bonus they may be offered.

The regulatory profession is challenged daily to resolve problems, overcome issues and commonly face changes, as a consequence its essential for the leadership within any business to understand the “True” motivators that will inspire the best out of their regulatory teams, especially in this critical discipline.

Do you have a “True” understanding of what motivates your Regulatory team to greatness?

What really motivates you?