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Client Advice

“Coronavirus Negligence” Claims will make PPI look like loose change!

By Liz Dillon

As the world continues to be impacted by the COVID pandemic most organisations, whether they are domestic or international, are focusing on the operational challenges of their staff returning to the work place in a safe manner. For a large number of disciplines such change will be significant and will quite possibly change the way we work forever. This is equally true for recruitment processes, onboarding team members and development training. There has already been a shift in the demand for specific skills sets and service products, making talent acquisition hard in these highly sort after areas.   


Ensuring the safest working environment has already created jobs and demand for related product, allowing some balance to off set the negative financial impact of the pandemic. However, there is also a need for organisations to be considering the legal implications of the pandemic on a longer-term basis if they do not ensure there are sustainable provisions in place.


There is already “No-Win – No Fee” law firms advertising! Reaching out for people to submit claims against their employers. The impact that PPI claims had was significant however will be completely overshadowed and will be made to look like loose change should this continue to build momentum.


As recruitment service providers we support clients to ensure they are providing the safest talent acquisition environment during the interview process. What happens next is out of our control. There has been a swift increase in candidates having high levels of concerns in this area and those companies who are attracting the niche and highly sort after talent are those who are most proactive in this area.


What are your organisations long-term provisions?

Are your staff safety policy’s robust and delivering to the needs of your team?

Are you prepared for what may come?