Celebration Event of S&W Power 100 2016 with Tony Goodwin in the panel


The Celebration event of Smith & Williamson Power 100 was held last night and Antal CEO and Founder Tony Goodwin participated as a panellist amongst other entrepreneurs shortlisted on the top 25 of the list such as Oli Barret, Simon Devonshire and Daniel Priestley as well as Irene Graham.

The event took place at the London offices of Smith & Williamson on Moorgate and consisted in a panel discussion and Q&A chaired by Guy Rigby, Partner and Head of Entrepreneurs, followed by networking drinks and canapés.

The panel discussion was based around the scale-up agenda and the environment for entrepreneurship in the UK and the panelists were asked why do they spend that much time of their lives helping entrepreneurs and promoting the entrepreneurial agenda? Is the support system for entrepreneurs in the UK? What would it need to be changed if that was not the case? What is it more important, encouraging start-ups or supporting scale-ups? What are the key things entrepreneurs need to get right to successfully scale their business? What are the biggest challenges facing scale-up entrepreneurs in the UK? Should scale-up business get more support from the government? What might the government do about it? What are their views on the UK’s possible exit from the EU?

Although the time assigned for this debate wasn’t enough, as it usually happens with a room full of entrepreneurs with thousands of ideas and always eager to give their opinions, the session was enjoyable, full of jokes and laughs, and everybody had time express themselves, if it wasn’t during the discussion, then during the networking session.

On behalf of Antal International, we would like to congratulate all the entrepreneurs named on the Power 100 this year, especially our Founder and CEO Tony Goodwin and wish everyone the best of luck for next year, so keep up the hard work!