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Back to Basics

This article was written by Antal Managing Partner David Crossley. Find out more about David Crossley and the Essex, UK office here.

we move swiftly towards the end of the first quarter of 2020, I have reflected
on the communications I have within the recruitment …

Our Coronavirus Message

Coronavirus (COVID–19) continues to be the biggest story of the year and it’s increasingly causing a wide variety of major issues as the virus spreads.

As a global organisation, we are seeing firsthand the effects this is having to areas where the infected …

CV Advice: “S not Z”

This article was written by Antal Managing Partner Penny Simpson. Find out more about Penny Simpson and the Upminster, UK office here.

As a technical recruitment consultant with over 20 years’
experience candidates often ask for advice on their CV. This is a smart move
because recruiters …