Is it ever too late to change your career path?

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It’s easy to feel trapped in your current career, and why wouldn’t you? You’ve put time, effort and study into getting where you are and becoming exceptional in your role. But what if you fancy a new challenge, a new commute, or simply a different path in your chosen field?

We spoke to Julieta Sofranova, the managing director of the Antal Bulgaria about the huge career risk she took in becoming an entrepreneur and how it paid off.

‘I was quite a happy, prosperous and well-accepted professional and manager for over 20 years in the field of international financial services in Bulgaria. I climbed the career ladder from account manager to corporate relationship manager to deputy operations manager in the banking sphere – ING Bank, Societe Generale and others. Then Investments caught my attention and I applied for an opportunity as an Investment manager in an International Private Equity Fund and after that, I pursued an Insurance career.

At the age of 48, there came a day when I faced a dilemma. Did I expand upon my knowledge and experience in the Corporate world…or did I take my own path, the path of an entrepreneur?

The inner fight was furious. I had a choice to make. Did I opt for a stable income and quiet life? Or did I trade it all for sleepless nights and amazing job satisfaction…but completely on my own?

Where to go now? Which direction? How? Thousands of questions ran through my head and I had no answers for any of them.

I came across an online advertisement about an opportunity to set up a business in HR- recruitment. I had found Antal. I thought it was perfect as I love to work with people, to teach them, to grow and to help. Joining Antal International was my lucky star.

Nine years have passed and I still feel extremely happy about my decision back in the winter of 2005. The Crisis beginning in 2008 reflected on every business worldwide, but we stand in the market, remaining strong and hopeful and knowing our efforts are not in vain. We are giving a hand to professionals in hard times, assisting in change, supporting careers and striving to operate as the perfect go-between.

I find it incredible that I can support people, boost their careers and help them to their next level.

It’s so rewarding seeing companies finding their perfect matches and candidates find their perfect roles. I love being part of such success.  If you want a change, do not hesitate to make it!”

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Julieta Sofranova
Managing Director
Tel: +359 (2) 9523660
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Mobile: +359 (0) 888 436247
Antal Bulgaria

Sveta Troitsa, bl. 145/B/54, Bulgaria


One thought on “Is it ever too late to change your career path?”

  1. Hi Julieta,
    I was really inspired by how you made a choice in your career and listened to your heart. I also want to do something similar. I have done my graduation in technology but I want to seek my career in a field which requires interaction with people, understanding people, inspiring people to grow. Though currently I am working as a sales executive with a company, but personal/career growth rate is slow here. I want to do something big in my life. I want to learn more.

    Please guide what path should I take.

    I would love if you can be my mentor:)

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