Immigration and Global Movement of Talent

Doug Bugie picture

Antal at Thought Leadership Forefront of USA Republican Presidential Convention

Antal International, the global executive recruitment company and franchised organisation found itself at the forefront of immigration and talent issues at the recent USA Republican Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

There were 15,000 media from 70 countries, a world record, as well as over 80 international top Ambassadors in attendance, the most in one place in over a century.

Immigration and its impact on the recruitment/talent industry has been at the forefront of American and European politics for years, no more so than now with the Trump candidacy and his apparent position on building walls to keep illegal immigrants out and barring certain groups such as Muslims from coming into America as well as part of the issues surrounding BREXIT.

Doug Bugie, President of Antal International Network, the franchised division, was invited by national Republican leadership and an organisation founded by giants Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg, a centrist, apolitical organisation to encourage sound, mainstream thinking on this crucial issue of our time. It is called Partnership for a New American Economy (
He hosted a panel of highly successful immigrant-US citizens from Colombia, Japan and India, leaders in automotive sales, medicine and property, employing thousands of Americans in Greater Cleveland, Ohio, to tell their stories about upward mobility, opportunity, challenges and freedom to pursue their dreams.

Mr Bugie explained, “Later the same day, Antal co-hosted a welcome event for over 80 Ambassadors to be briefed on American mainstream thought regarding immigration and its impact. They all wanted to know where we really stand as a nation. These Ambassadors learned one big thing about America – we continue to strongly believe we want people to feel welcome, pursue their dreams and contribute in any way they can to build a better society and nation.  I was proud to represent Antal at this event.”

Mr Bugie states and makes it clear this is his own opinion and not necessarily reflective of the Antal Group of companies or its chairman:”Legal immigrants have had an enormous impact in America. They built it in many ways and continue to do so, but now that idea is under threat to some degree and we must fight isolationism and fear.  Look at this way, 40% of Fortune 500 corporations were founded by immigrants or their children. Immigrants employ over 13 million Americans. 1 out of 3 start-ups are created by immigrants and, think about this, they only comprise about 13% of the American population.”

He goes on saying: “Fact is, we need more immigrants in America, not less. The US grants about 65,000 visas to top level immigrants per year and they are gone within 24 hours of being announced. We should be allowing 20 times that number in, even more.

Populations in the West are ageing rapidly; those countries that carefully screen, but at the same time encourage immigration – and assimilation – at all levels of economic strata to pursue and build their dreams will prosper both in the short and long term. Those who don’t will stagnate.

I don’t for a second ignore the fact that there are those who challenge our freedoms and way of life, they have to be stopped, but I believe one major way is for the recruitment industry to be the catalyst and lubricant for positive global change and yes, even peace.”

Mr Bugie feels it is important for readers in other countries, as well as his own, to understand that Donald Trump’s views are not the mainstream America view, or even the mainstream Republican Party view, even given the terrorism we face. “Most Americans still believe in the American dream, where we are a beacon of opportunity for the world. In fact, I serve as a board member to an organisation called Global Cleveland ( ) founded precisely to attract, help assimilate and retain immigrants from all levels of global society. Many other American cities do exactly the same thing. We are competing for talent just like companies do and must,” Mr Bugie continued.

“Antal’s slogan and mission is ‘5 Continents, One Vision – Discovering Talent’. We believe by doing this we not only help our candidates find great work and companies to achieve their goals but to be a catalyst for the free flow of information, ideas, people and ultimately for shaping and improving the world we live in.”