Is it really the end of the world


It is not the end of the world.

No matter how much it might seem like it, there is always a chance of seeing the sun rise again. The apocalypse seems ever closer, the freezing air in the centre of the ice storm is extinguishing whatever life it touches, yet in small corners of the world, there are fires still burning to keep hope alive. Storms always pass eventually.

The film 2012 and the sense of impending doom always reminds me of the times in my career when I have realized that a change was needed but didn’t quite yet know how to make it happen. Those initial moments when you realize that a change is inevitable are some of the loneliest times in your life. You turn to your loved ones for support, but that doesn’t make the road ahead any less daunting.

You feel like you are going to be caught up in the freezing air, stuck in the eye of the storm, unable to break free from your situation. You need to look for someone to provide some warmth and hope.

In my view, that is the job of a good recruiter, and a job that I thoroughly enjoy.

Candidates come to us in all sorts of different circumstances. They might be testing the market, they might be considering leaving their company, or they may have been looking for a while. No matter what their situation, until they have found that new role that they are dreaming of, there will always be a level of fear that things may not work out.

It is our job to provide the hope and guidance to help them secure their future.

Recruiters are often seen as the functional middle-man in a recruitment “transaction.” They provide the relevant CVs to the client and then the client has the opportunity of getting to know the candidate at interview. Why should a recruiter get to know the candidate if it is clear enough from their CV that they are a fit for the role?

The word “enough” is a telling one.

Recruiters get a bad name from doing the bare minimum to earn their fee. If they do just “enough”, they don’t even need to get to know the candidates before putting their CV forward. The candidate, in this case, retains their level of fear right up to the first interview with a client. They will not have had any human interaction until when it really counts. That is scary, and it can often lead to basic mistakes being made that can torpedo the applications of the most qualified candidates.

For the recruiters who truly aim to provide the “warmth and hope” that the candidates are looking for, the concept of “enough” is entirely foreign to them. They will go out of their way to reassure the candidate as to their potential, they will coach them to ensure that they perform as well as possible at interview and will provide moral support through the process, even if there are initial setbacks.

If you know a few recruiters like this, losing your job won’t be the end of the world. It could well be the start of a brave new world.

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