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Life Advice

Juggling... the work / life balance

By Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Modern life is a constant juggling act to get a balance right between work and home life.  The role of a parent just adds a further dimension, another plate to spin.  And, although many couples share jobs in the home, women still have the traditional home maker and main carer role. 

For this reason, the majority of women choosing to have a family find that this has an impact on their career.  Being away from the business for up to 1 year, and in some cases longer, it is not always possible to slip back into the same job with the same demands on your time – you need more flexibility.  There is always a few able to break this trend, but it must be said the power house female CEO’s of Top Fortune 100 companies are a rarity. 

Liz Dillon, one of our successful franchise owners says, “Entering parenthood does not have to equal a compromise in your career aspirations nor does continuing your career have to have a negative impact on your parenting or your children's lives. Building your own future through ownership of a company is rewarding and flexible in equal measures. Although contribution of time is critical to its success, flexibility is also available and achievable to avoid missing critical moments in your children's development. I have been a Managing Partner for 16 years now, launching my business with a small 18 month old daughter back in 2005.  I have not looked back nor would return to my old work status. Whilst there have been the enviable challenges and hurdles I have been able to successful navigate her early years, early schooling, academic success, illness, flexibly (doubling with my second child in 2009) without professional sacrifice or damage to their well being."       

Flexibility is one of the key reasons for working mums consider starting up a business. 

  • Flexibility in being your own boss allows you to work around your family needs. 
  • Flexibility to be available for key appointments and not miss key stages in your children’s development. 
  • Flexibility to be at the sports day or Christmas show.


We will train you on how to offer professional recruitment services and run your own business either from home or a small office.  You can be your own boss and juggle as many plates as you like!  Contact us for more information on starting your own business on [email protected].