Maximising the Return on Investment of Recruiting Great Talent

This article was written by Antal Managing Partner Peter Wharton. Find out more about Peter Wharton and the Geneva, Switzerland office here.

Hiring the right people, at all levels will make or break the success of any company and especially for a company scaling up, every single hire is mission critical.

Think about it.  In a company of twenty, just two underperforming or mediocre employees represents a tenth of the company’s workforce not delivering and the consequences will be dire.

Top management and critical talent are key drivers of success, however generally less time is spent closely reviewing these aspects of the business over other elements. But have you thought about the cost of either hiring the wrong people in the team, or not having the right people in critical roles as the company develops and matures?  The skill sets and aptitudes of staff to get the company off the ground will be very different to those needed when the company is in hyper growth mode or if you are developing a new market segment.

Acquiring talent should be considered as an investment to increase the value of your company, but hiring the wrong candidates or maintaining underperforming employees is incredibly expensive. You have the initial cost of recruitment even when managed in-house, but also money wasted on training, onboarding, and the time spent by other employees guiding a new employee instead of focusing on their own work and responsibilities.

If its for an account management or business development role the revenue and margin impact through lost sales and lost customers is hard to recover from, in product management and engineering roles, late or poor product development means a loss in competitiveness and business opportunities,  and poor marketing campaigns again will hit revenue and margins as well as brand perception but also you should consider the impact on the retention and motivation on other employees. I will gladly work out the budgetary impact of ineffective recruitment for your company if you ask me which will probably shock you. 

But let’s look at this from a more positive perspective, great hires will drive your company quickly to new heights in both the short and long term and provide an outstanding ROI when acquiring and nurturing the right talent for the company. High performing individuals make all the difference in revenue and margin growth, branding, market share and shareholder value.

With the stakes so high, the noise when recruiting can be overwhelming so at Antal International we focus on cancelling out the cacophony and zeroing in on signals that help our clients make better hiring decisions faster. We are a search and recruitment agency with one goal – maximizing the return on recruitment investment by addressing the talent needs of growth for our clients in our specialist area.  We drive a tailored, high speed process for both executive and critical positions to help our clients mitigate execution risk and overachieve their plans by hiring the right people for the role, team and company.

I have a strong track record of building long standing partnerships with many software vendors, supporting pioneering scale-up companies and global leaders alike in developing blockchain, fintech, AI and data management solutions.  Simply make the time to let me know what you need for the candidate or candidates to be successful and I will go away and manage it. It’s very easy. I’m an expert in this sector but also have the Antal International global network in 40 countries to provide me with additional resources whenever necessary.

If you want to increase your ROI on recruiting your critical positions, give me a call and let’s have a chat.  Just drop me a line at

Peter Wharton is Managing Partner of Antal International Geneva and specialises in search and recruitment in two key areas – eCommerce and digital marketing roles cross industry and exec management, sales, product management and marketing for international software tech companies. Prior to starting his headhunting business Peter was a senior international marketing and sales executive in the tech industry.