Partnering with a specialist search company

When it comes to hiring in the chemicals and technical industries, different companies adopt different strategies. Most scour through possible internal candidates, utilise external advertising and referrals and, often, result to engaging the services of a number of recruitment agencies to help fill a vacant position. If those agencies fail to find a suitable candidate, the company will often move to engage in more agencies who promise that they can find the right talent for the company. Sometimes, one of these agencies is successful, often they aren’t. One thing is certain… the recruiting process becomes muddled, lacks quality and usually provides a headache for the hiring manager.

There is, however, something that you can do to make your hiring process a lot quicker, more effective and more efficient… partner with a specialist search company.

Let’s be clear what is meant by the term ‘partner’. Many reading this will argue that they already have a preferred supplier or a group of preferred suppliers, who they give priority to on vacancies or requirements. These companies are ‘suppliers’, not partners. To truly partner with a search consultancy, means to work together in a collaborative way to achieve a common result. This means truly working together as equal partners, allowing the search company the time to get to know the company, to work at management and executive level, to manage the recruitment process, advise on salary levels and make offers on behalf of the client. This is truly a ‘partnership’.

So, how does partnering with a specialist search company provide better results for you?

The importance of depth

The truth is that, when a company engages with multiple suppliers on an assignment, and each provider knows that is the case, no supplier (of any quality) can afford to devote the time and resources necessary to effectively fulfil the requirement. Furthermore, they will usually not have enough information to find and attract the right candidates, and sell the opportunity. Far from your urgent requirement being everyone’s problem, it in fact becomes nobody’s problem.  Essentially, it is dropped to the bottom of the priority list by your ‘suppliers’, for an easier or higher paying assignment. Not what you want or need.

By truly partnering with a client, we are able to invest the time and resources necessary to find the best candidates, in both the active and passive markets, for a particular vacancy. With access to all levels of the company, growth plans and company strategy, we also have the information needed to sell the opportunity to outstanding candidates who, most often, are not actively seeking a new position.

Don’t compromise on quality

With multiple recruitment suppliers working on a particular assignment, it becomes a ‘CV race’, with each supplier desperately scouring the job boards for active candidates to contact and send into their client. Throughout this process, each supplier will come across candidates who they are not confident are a good match for the client, in skills, experience or culture/attitude. Worried that another supplier will contact the same candidate and send him/her to the client, the supplier will often decide to send it to the client just in case. Essentially, they follow the mantra ‘if in doubt, send it out’. The result for the client, is a large number of poor quality CV’s that the hiring manager has to sift through, taking up valuable time and energy.

By partnering with a client, we are able to fully explore the active and passive markets in extensive depth and prepare a shortlist of the best 4-6 candidates for our client to interview. We can also organise interview date’s in advance to streamline the process on behalf of our client. Our partners allow us to manage the process on their behalf, allowing them to focus on their day to day activities without distraction.

Don’t damage your company image

As discussed above, when working with multiple recruitment suppliers on an assignment, these suppliers will often contact the same potential candidates for the same opportunity. Put yourself in the shoes of these candidates, who are getting contacted multiple times about opportunities at the same company. They will often start to wonder, why is the company so desperate to fill this role? Why have they found it so difficult? What is wrong with the company/the role? This can do extensive damage to a company’s image, in a time when competition is high and company brand is everything.

As a specialist search company, we are able to effectively identify, target and approach high achievers in a professional manner. With the knowledge gained from our close relationship with our partners, we are then able to effectively sell an opportunity to attract the highest level of candidates.

If you believe your company could gain in forming an effectively, mutually beneficial partnership with Antal International, please get in touch today.

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